Rotten Mushroom

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Not to be confused with Rotten Mush or Poison Mushroom.
Rotten Mushroom
SMM2 NSMBU Rotten Mushroom.png
A Rotten Mushroom in the New Super Mario Bros. U style
A sickly mushroom with glowing eyes, a blue stalk and a pink skull-like cap

First appearance

Super Mario Maker 2 (2019)

Rotten Mushrooms are purple, skull shaped mushrooms that appear in Super Mario Maker 2. They replace 1-Up Mushrooms when the night mode is activated, but only for the Ground course theme. Unlike most mushrooms, Rotten Mushrooms actively pursue the player, even jumping up ledges up to two blocks high to get to them. However, if they are under the Super Star's effects, Rotten Mushrooms will evade them. Touching a Rotten Mushroom powers down the player, similar to a Poison Mushroom, making it a hazardous obstacle.[1] Their skull-like design and role as an "evil" counterpart to "good" mushrooms makes them comparable to Poison Mushrooms, Zombie Shrooms, and Ghoul Shrooms. The Super Mario World version of the Rotten Mushroom resembles Bowser's fireball rain from said game.

While Rotten Mushrooms can only be placed in Overworld night areas, they can be brought into other themes if Yoshi grabs one with his tongue and travels through a warp pipe to a non-Overworld night area. They display unique behaviors in other themes, despite the fact that they cannot be placed in them outright.

  • They behave as normal, only upside-down, in the Underground night theme
  • They are slowed by water, but jump three blocks high instead of two in the Forest and Underwater courses
  • They bear a small circle of light in the Ghost House and Underwater night themes
  • They are affected by low gravity in the Sky and Airship night themes
  • They are slowed down by lava and poison in the Castle and night Forest themes, respectively
  • They are unaffected by the wind in the night Desert theme

As Yoshi is only featured in the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U game styles, they cannot be seen outside of Overworld night courses in the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 game styles.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くさったキノコ
Kusatta Kinoko
Rotten Mushroom
Spanish Champiñón rancio Rancid Mushroom
French Champignon pourri Rotten Mushroom
Dutch Bedorven paddenstoel[2] Spoiled Mushroom
German Faulpilz Rotten Mushroom
Italian Fungo marcio Rotten Mushroom
Portuguese (NOE) Cogumelo podre[3] Rotten Mushroom
Russian Гнилогриб[4]
From гниль (rot) and гриб (mushroom).
Korean 부패버섯
Rotten Mushroom
Chinese 腐爛蘑菇[5]
Fǔlàn mógū
Rotten Mushroom


  • Two Story Mode levels posted by World-Renowned Chef imply that Rotten Mushrooms are Super Mushrooms that have rotted over time and became vengeful.


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