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Bowser Suit
MPTT100 Item BowserSuit.png

First appearance

Mario Party (1998)

Latest appearance

Mario Party: The Top 100 (2017)

Effect on player

Allows players to steal coins (in Mario Party 2, 3, and 4) or stars (in Mario Party 8 and The Top 100) from each opponent they pass.

The Bowser Suit is a somewhat rare item that first appears in Mario Party 2. When used, the character who used it will wear a Bowser costume and be able to take twenty coins from every opponent they pass during their roll. A Koopa Kid may even give a character dressed in a Bowser Suit coins as well.

In Mario Party 3, Bowser Suits can sometimes be purchased from Baby Bowser at the Item Shops.

In Mario Party 4, players can only acquire a Bowser Suit by landing on a Bowser Space and even then, the chances of getting one are super rare. Waluigi is even pictured holding it on the box art of Mario Party 4. In that game it strongly resembles a Mushroom. It functions similarly to its appearance in Mario Party 2, except that a player using the Bowser Suit steals 30 coins from passing an opponent instead of 20. Additionally, if a player wearing the suit passes Bowser on Bowser's Gnarly Party, they will get 50 coins, and if a player wearing the suit passes Ukiki's Banana Peel Junction on Koopa's Seaside Soirée, they can choose their direction.

The Bowser Suit's equivalent in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6 is the Bullet Bill Capsule.

The Bowser Suit reappears in Mario Party 8 when a player uses the Bowser Candy, this time letting the character to hit two dice and being able to steal two Stars from everyone the player passes. It only appears in Bowser's Warped Orbit.

In addition, the Bowser Suit is used in the original Mario Party game in some 1-vs-3 minigames such as Bash 'n' Cash and Tug o' War.

In Mario Party: The Top 100, the Bowser Suit returns along with Tug o' War, but now has the wearer's head coming out of the suit's mouth. It also appears as an item, operating as it did in Mario Party 8.

Official description from Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

Bowser Suit:

Let Bowser's might flow through you as you stomp on your rivals to steal their stars.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのもと
Kuppa no moto
Koopa Skin

Koopa Suit (Mario Party 4)
Spanish Disfraz de Bowser Bowser Costume
French Costume Bowser Bowser Costume
Dutch Bowser-pak Bowser Suit
German Bowser-Anzug Bowser Suit