Boo's Crystal Ball

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The Boo's Crystal Ball as seen from Mario Party 4

Boo's Crystal Ball is an item featured in Mario Party 4. A player can use the item to summon a Boo to steal Coins (for 5 coins) or a Star (for 50 coins) from an opponent. A Boo's Crystal Ball can be purchased at item shops for 25 coins or won in Mini Minigames. The player can stop the Boo from stealing coins by merely tapping A Button rapidly, but this fails to deter Boo from stealing coins (unless they have a Gaddlight that scares the Boo away). The option to repeatedly tap A Button is absent if Boo is stealing a Star. Players can also access Boo's Crystal Balls by visiting Boo Houses on boards; there is a maximum of one Boo House per board.

The Boo's Crystal Ball has the same gameplay effects as the Boo Bell from Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3, but provides a more "realistic" view of the Boo attacking the targeted player, as opposed to the Boo attacking the targeted player's status panel as before.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサのすいしょう
Teresa no Suishō
Boo Crystal
French Boo-Boule de Cristal Boo Crystal-ball
Italian Sfera di Boo Boo sphere