Toad's Game Board

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Toad's Game Board
Toad's Game Board
Appears in Mario Party 4 (Flash game)
Description "You never know which direction the tea cups will take you on my board. Watch out for the Bob-ombs-their appearance can be explosive."

Toad's Game Board is a game board hosted by Toad in the Mario Party 4 Flash game. It is the first one to open up by default when the game is loaded. It is modeled similarly to Toad's Midway Madness from Mario Party 4, and is also based on an amusement park with an assortment of rides. The only one that Mario can interact with is the teacup ride, in which Mario's game board piece will be put in, spin around and will place him back out at one of three different paths. There are certain spaces on the board that will trigger a Bob-omb to land in front of Mario's path, and move his piece back several spaces.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Blue Spaces
Red Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Red Spaces
Event Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Event Spaces
Mushroom Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Mushroom Spaces
Chance Time Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Fortune Spaces
Arrow Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Arrow Spaces
Item Shop Mario Party 4 Flash game
Item Shops
Info Space Mario Party 4 Flash game
Info Spaces
Total of Spaces 43

Item Shop[edit]

The Item Shop in this board sells the two following wallpapers and two screensavers at the equal price of 10 Coins each:

  • Mario Wallpaper
  • Peach Wallpaper
  • Toad Screensaver #1
  • Toad Screensaver #2