King Bowser's Keep

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King Bowser's Keep
King Bowser's Keep in Super Mario Party Jamboree
Appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree
Not to be confused with Bowser's Keep.

King Bowser's Keep is a board that appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree. It takes place above a giant castle surrounded by lava and features Bowser who stands at the center of the board.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのデンジャラス・ベース
Kuppa no Denjarasu Bēsu
Bowser's Dangerous Base

French Base secrète de Bowser
Bowser's secret base
Portuguese Fortaleza do Bowser
Bowser's Fortress
Spanish Fortaleza del rey Bowser
King Bowser's Fortress