Wario's Battle Canyon

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Wario's Battle Canyon
Appears in Mario Party
Difficulty ★★
Availability Default
Description "Use your Star Power to put an end to the Bob-omb Battle."
Music sample
“A battlefield sets the stage for this board. Players are automatically loaded into a cannon and shot to another island when they pass in front of a Bob-omb Buddy. But the only way to Bowser's island is to ask the Fly Guy to take you there.”
Mario Party instruction booklet
“This is a battlefield, a batten land. The Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs still fight. Will this war ever end? Somehow, you must try to stop this fighting! I have one piece of advice! The central area is Bowser’s. Only the Fly Guy can take you there.”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party

Wario's Battle Canyon is Wario's board in Mario Party. It is set, as the name implies, on a canyon that has been split into five areas: Four areas in the corners of the screen with Bowser's area in the middle. Players need to collect Stars to stop the feud between the Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs. When a player gets a Star, Toad will explain the situation behind the feud and hint towards the use of the Stars on this board.

At the end of the game, the winner's Stars form into a large Star that goes over to a cannon and fires by itself, producing fireworks. The winner is then escorted by the black and red Bob-ombs, showing their flag of peace. The players in 2nd and 3rd place, Toad, Koopa, Boo, Fly Guy, and the Star accompany them. The player in 4th place gets shot out of Bowser's cannon (ironically, this is the only time Bowser's cannon is fired).


The board is split into five unconnected platforms: Two controlled by the Red Bob-ombs, two controlled by the Black Bob-ombs, and one in the middle controlled by Bowser. The Red Bob-omb platforms initially contain only Blue Spaces and Mini-Game Spaces, while the Black Bob-omb platforms contain all types of spaces except the Mini-Game Spaces. Bowser's platform has only six Mini-Game spaces and one single Blue Space.


  • Whenever a player passes a Red or a Black Bob-omb, they are forced into the cannon and fired to another area (like in Super Mario 64), where the space landed on is picked by a roulette-like sequence. The cannons are aimed in the following sequence: From the bottom-left platform to the bottom-right, from there to the top-left, from there to the top-right, and from there back to the bottom-left.
  • If a player lands on a Happening Space, the Bob-ombs will switch directions of the cannons, reversing the order in which they send the player from one platform to the next.
  • Bowser's area can only be reached by asking the Fly Guy in the northeast area to carry the character conversing with him to Bowser for 10 coins. The player may instead pay the Fly Guy 10 Coins to bring any other character to that spot on the board.
  • Bowser has a cannon in his area as his bogus item. However, instead of firing at a specific part of the board (or even out of the cannon), Bowser will have the player look away and use his claws to launch the character at a random area for a mandatory 20 Coins (or all their Coins if they have 20 or less).


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
The Event Space from Mario Party
Happening Spaces
The Miracle Space from Mario Party
! Spaces
The Minigame Space from Mario Party
Mini-Game Spaces
The Mushroom Space from Mario Party
Mushroom Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 68

There are no ! Spaces initially on the board, though every time a Star is bought from Toad, an ! Space replaces the space he was on.



"This is a battlefield. Even now, on this barren earth war continues."

"The Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs ceaselessly continue their fighting."

"For enemies and allies it has been a long war, and all the Bob-ombs are very weary."

"We must stop this battle immediately. But how can we? How can we stop it?"

"If there were a signal for a truce, surely the Bob-ombs would stop fighting."

"If there were a signal for truce, this war would surely end, but..."

"I have one piece of advice! The central area is Bowser's. Only the Fly Guy can take you there." -Koopa Troopa

"Attack orders! Load the cannon! Load it! LOAD IT!" -Bob-omb

"New orders! We're changing targets! Move the Cannon!" "Don't be unprepared! Change targets! Move the Cannon!" -Red and Black Bob-ombs

"Now hear this! Wow! You get to ride in that cool Ultra Bowser Cannon! All right! You're incredibly lucky! Ride at our special 20 Coin rate. You've got to try it! "Absolutely" you say? Ok! I'll take those Coins! Okay, look behind you until I get everything ready. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I want to SURPRISE you! I'm almost ready..., Here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Bowser Cannon Blast Off! I've no idea where you're going!" -Bowser

"You only have X Coins, so we'll let you ride for just that much. Oh! I see the joy in your eyes! Ok! I'll take those Coins!" -Bowser

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオのバトルキャニオン
Wario no batorukyanion
Wario's Battle Canyon
French Le ravin guerrier de Wario Wario's War Ravine
German Warios Kanonen-Canyon Wario's Cannon Canyon
Italian Il Canyon di Battaglia di Wario[1] Wario's Battle Canyon