Shy Guy's Shuffle City

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Not to be confused with Shy Guy Shuffle.
Shy Guy's Shuffle City
Shy Guy's Shuffle City.png
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Skill 5
Luck 3
Minigames 2
Time 20-40 minutes

Shy Guy's Shuffle City is one of seven boards in Mario Party: Island Tour. This board is unique in that it requires 3 or 4 human players. Like in Kamek's Carpet Ride, players use cards to move around the board instead of rolling a Dice Block. From the second round onward, players must take a card from an opponent before moving. There's also a Bowser Card that must be avoided, as every three rounds, a Bowser Penalty will affect whoever has the Bowser Card. At the end of the board, the player will have to draw either two Champion Cards or four "Sorry!" Cards. If the player succeeds in drawing the Champion Card, then they will automatically win the board. If a "Sorry!" Card is drawn, then that player misses their chance to win, and has to go back three spaces. Each time a "Sorry!" card is drawn, that card gets discarded for the next attempt, giving the next player a greater chance of winning. If there are no "Sorry!" cards, then the next player to get to the end of the board wins, as long as that player doesn't have the Bowser Card. If the player makes it to the end of the board and is holding the Bowser Card, then they are not be able to play the final challenge and is forced to move back three spaces upon reaching the Dead-End Space. A player holding the Bowser Card automatically gets last place at the end of play.

When playing with three players, two cards each of 1, 2, 3, and 4, plus the Bowser Card, are dealt to the players every three rounds. With four players, there are two 1 Cards and three cards each for 2, 3, and 4, plus the Bowser Card. 0, 5, and 6 Cards can only be obtained from minigames.


  • American English: Outwit your opponents and avoid the dreaded Bowser Card to win this race!
  • British English: Swap cards with your opponents for a card game with a twist. Don't be left with the Bowser Card!

Minigame Results[edit]

Minigame Results
First 6 Precision Card (SGSC)
Second 5 Precision Card (SGSC)
Third 4 Precision Card (SGSC)
Fourth The 0 Precision Card of MPIT (SGSC)
  • Note: If there are 3 players playing, the 3rd place player will instead be given the 0 Card.

Yellow Toad Quotes[edit]

After picking a card, the Yellow Toad says one of the following:

  • If card is a 5 or 6: "What's so funny, <player>? Mind sharing the joke with the rest of us? You're not supposed to grin when you get good cards, <player>."
  • If card is a 3 or 4: "Either something good happened to <player>, or it's an act. Either way, I'm suspicious."
  • If card is a 2 or 1: "Hey everyone! Look at <player> trying to pretend like nothing happened."
  • If card is a 0 or Bowser: "<player>, is everything OK? Is something bothering you?"


Green Spaces Dash Spaces Event Spaces Back Spaces Dead-End Space Total
Shy Guy's Shuffle City 9 4 3 2 1 19



Audio.svg Shy Guy's Shuffle City
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Audio.svg Final Challenge
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホーのババぬきカード
Heihō no Babanuki Kādo
Shy Guy's Old Maid Card
Dutch Shy Guys Kaartenhuis Shy Guy's House of Cards
French (NOA) Table de Jeu Maskache Shy Guy Gaming Table
French (NOE) Table de Jeu Maskass Shy Guy Gaming Table
German Alles außer Bowser! All except Bowser!
Italian Pesca una carta con Tipo Timido Find a card with Shy Guy
Portuguese Jogo de Cartas do Masquito Shy Guy's Card Game
Spanish (NOA) Baraja de Shy Guy Shy Guy's Deck of Cards
Spanish (NOE) Casa de naipes de Shy Guy Shy Guy's House of Cards


  • Not including boards in Solo or Story Modes, with 19 spaces, this is the smallest board in the entire Mario Party series.