Bowser Card

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Bowser Card
Bowser Card from MPIT, Shy Guy Shuffle City.
A card with Bowser's face on it.
First appearance Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
Effect After 3 turns, gives the player a penalty.
“You don't want to be the player stuck with this card at the end of 3 rounds.”
In-game description, Mario Party: Island Tour

The Bowser Card is a type of card that only appears in Mario Party: Island Tour, on the board Shy Guy's Shuffle City. It appears as a red and black card with Bowser's face on it, possibly hinting it wasn't supposed to appear normally, but was added by Bowser himself. It is a card that must be avoided, as it causes nothing but trouble. Once a player wins the game, the Bowser card holder regardless of place will instantly lose the game.


At the start of the game, after Yellow Toad gives the cards to the players and before the 1st minigame, Bowser shows up and gives this card to a random player. That player must get rid of the card within three turns, otherwise they will receive a Bowser Penalty, which effects include the following: go backwards a certain number of spaces, return to last place or a funny event (e.g. Receive a lifetime supply of cotton candy!) that won't happen. A Bowser spotlight circles on the touch screen of whomever has the card. To get rid of it and pass it on to another player, they must hope the player in question draws the card randomly while trying to draw another. Another way to pass the card is by triggering the Get the Bowser Card! event from the ? Space. In this case, the current holder of this card passes it to the activating player in exchange for the lowest value card of that player's hand.

Every 3 Turns[edit]

After 3 turns, the following happens:

  1. Bowser Penalty activates to the player who has this card.
  2. Every other player loses the card they currently hold.
  3. A new set of cards, including the Bowser Card, are given.
  4. Another minigame takes place.

Then this process repeats after another 3 turns.

Effect on the Final Challenge and the Final Results[edit]

The player who holds the card can't take part in the end game, as Bowser won't let that player even try, forcing the player to go back three spaces.

Also, when someone wins, Yellow Toad declares who won the game, followed by the ones below:

Quotes related to this card[edit]

American version[edit]


  • "Oh, hello. Don't mind me! I'll just slip a Bowser Card into the deck and be on my way. BWAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "BAH! Nobody apologizes on my behalf! I'll be back in 3 rounds with a fiendish surprise for the player with my card!"
  • "Well, hello! I do believe it's penalty time! Let's see who has my precious Bowser Card..."
  • "Whoops! You have the Bowser Card, and that means you can't participate in the Final Challenge. BWAHAHA!"
  • "That must be so disappointing. Like I care! Hurry up and go back 3 spaces. I command it!"

Yellow Toad[edit]

  • "And (Bowser Card holder) had the Bowser Card. Sorry, (Bowser Card holder), but that means you automatically get last place."

British version[edit]


  • "GA HA HA! Here's a Bowser Card to slip in the deck!"
  • "I'll be back in three turns, and whoever has the Bowser Card will be sorry!"
  • "GA HA HA! Time for a penalty! Let's see which of you is holding the Bowser Card..."
  • "You! (Bowser Card holder)! Come here and let me give you a penalty!"

Yellow Toad[edit]

  • "Someone has the Bowser Card! Check the lower screen to see if it's you!"
  • "Oh dear! Whoever's holding the Bowser Card right now, watch out for the penalty coming in three turns!"
  • "Unfortunately, (Bowser Card holder), you came in last place because you were holding the Bowser Card."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパカード
Kuppa Kādo
Bowser Card