Crazy Kamek

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Crazy Kamek
MPIT Crazy Kamek.png

First appearance

Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)

Effect on player

Switch places with an opponent.

Crazy Kamek (Switch Kamek in the British English version) is an item that can be obtained through the Perilous Palace Path board in Mario Party: Island Tour. Players can win it through either from Yellow Toad handing out to characters when they approach the finish line or by winning it through selecting it from minigames. When used, Kamek appears and uses his magic to switch places with an opponent selected through a roulette wheel. This item is functionally similar to the Warp Pipe and its variants from previous Mario Party games. It has a more powerful variant called the Chaos Kamek, where the item switches everyone's places.

In-game description[edit]

  • Switch places with an opponent.