Perilous Palace Path

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Perilous Palace Path
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Skill 4
Luck 3
Minigames 5
Time 45-60 minutes

Perilous Palace Path is one of the seven boards in Mario Party: Island Tour. It takes the longest time to complete. There are items that help the player and/or hinder their opponents. The player can also use Bonus Dice Blocks which add a number of spaces to the players' roll. This board takes 45-60 minutes. After everyone has moved, a minigame will be played. The layout includes some cows, trees, a river, bridges, a castle at the end, and a volcanic lava filled area called the Bowser Zone.


  • The first event involves a Thwomp. There are three switches, colored red, green and blue. One button allows the character to proceed. If pressed, the character is allowed to go across the bridge, which would at that point lower, and the Thwomp is destroyed. But if they hit one of the two incorrect buttons, the bridge starts to lower, but then comes back up, at which point the Thwomp slams the player, ending their turn.
  • The next event takes place roughly halfway through the path. A Goomba Tower will be holding up an arrow sign. It will spin around, and depending on which direction it points, the player will continue through the normal path (if the sign points left) or be thrown into the Bowser Zone (if the sign points right) by a Monty Mole, abruptly ending their turn in the process.
  • When a player hits the end of the path, they will battle a Whomp. At first, its health is 6. The player must roll a 6 on the dice block to defeat it and win, but if a lower number is rolled, it will still take that amount of damage. The player will then get crushed, and their turn ends. The next time someone gets to the Whomp, they must roll a number equivalent to the amount of health it has (e.g. if the Whomp has 3 health points, the player must roll a 3 or higher). If a player is already at the Dead-End Space when their turn starts, any Bonus Dice Blocks or items they have acquired are usable, allowing them to boost their chances at beating it.


  • American English version: Power yourself up and knock opponents out of the way with special items as you race to the finish!
  • British English version: Race to the castle and use items to help you along the way!

Minigame Results[edit]


Minigame Results
First Gold Dice Block Gold Dice Block
Second Silver Dice Block Silver Dice Block
Third Bronze Dice Block Bronze Dice Block
Fourth N/A


Minigame Results
First First item
Second Second item
Third Third item
Fourth N/A


Dash Spaces Item Spaces Green Spaces Piranha Plant Spaces Lucky Spaces Free-for-All Spaces Bowser Spaces Unlucky Space Dead-End Spaces Total
Perilous Palace Path 9 18 (4) 13 (1) 5 (1) 2 5 3 (1) 1 1 57 (7)

Numbers in parentheses are spaces only accessible if the player is forced onto the Bowser Zone.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイテムキャッスルランド
Aitemu Kyassaru Rando
Item Castle Land
Dutch Voorwerpwereld Item world
French (NOA) Royaume des objets Items Kingdom
French (NOE) Royaume des Bonus Bonus Kingdom
German Item-Imperium Item Empire
Italian Sentiero per il maniero Path to the manor
Portuguese Caminho do Palácio Palace Way
Spanish Reino de los objetos Items Kingdom