List of Mario Party: Island Tour pre-release and unused content

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The previous logo for the Mario Party series, used from Mario Party 9 to Mario Party: The Top 100
Tentative logo, shown on Nintendo Direct 4.17.2013

This is a list of pre-release and unused content in the game Mario Party: Island Tour.

Early builds[edit]


Perilous Palace Path[edit]

  • There were no Moo Moos and a Blue Toad could be seen next to the cannon.
  • The Toads used 3D models rather than 2D sprites.
  • In the starting area, the Mushroom design on the floor was colored rather than slate, and the flowers were different. The houses' roofs had different colors. As well, there was a flower stand and a bread stand in the background.
  • The architectural design of the houses and pavement resembled a Parisian style.
  • There was a rock in the middle of the river that was replaced by a bridge in the final version.
  • The bunker area containing the Chain Chomp was darker, and it had a few rocks, a log with mushrooms growing on it, and crooked trees. The path after it was also broken rather than ended in the final version.
  • The final paved area had a continuous pavement design on each step and had flowers and shrubs lining the sides.
  • The bridge before the castle was not present. As well, there were rocks lining the edge of the cliffsides.
  • Whomp did not appear at the end of Perilous Palace Path.
  • The playtime was listed as 30 to 60 minutes rather than 45 to 60.

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain[edit]

  • Multiple Banzai Bills could launch at once in Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain and when Banzai Bill passed by, the players ran back to the start instead of being knocked back.[1]
  • There were signs with exclamation marks on them, indicating the areas where characters could be affected by Banzai Bills.
  • The character got a choice for each space they moved whether they wanted to move to a Safe Space or not, even if they couldn't actually enter it. In the final version, they are only presented the choice when they reach the last Safe Space that they can enter.
  • The playtime was listed as 10 to 30 minutes rather than 15 to 30. Both the Skill and Minigames stats were listed as two Mushrooms rather than the one mushroom and four mushrooms, respectively, seen in the final game.

Rocket Road[edit]

  • The character boxes showed the number of spaces that the characters had left to move until the end of the course.
  • When using Boosters, the multiplying effect was applied after the number is rolled rather than directly on the Dice Block.
  • The design of the Comet Observatory on Rocket Road was much simpler, lacking all Domes.
  • Only Yellow Lumas appeared.
  • The design of the signs that show how many spaces until the end of the board was different, as instead of one sign indicating 10 spaces left, there are now signs on each space.
  • The playtime was listed as 5 to 20 minutes rather than 10 to 20. The Minigames stat was given two Mushrooms rather than four.


  • Originally, on Perilous Palace Path, characters used cards as items. However, in the final game, generic items are used instead.
  • The explosion caused by the Bullet Bill item has smoke and looks darker.


  • The Piranha Plant Space had a different design, having an abstract picture of a Piranha Plant rather than an actual picture of a Piranha Plant.
  • The green-colored space that marks the midway point of Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain was black and had a design with a red Banzai Bill and a double-headed arrow underneath it.
  • The Banzai Bill Space had the Banzai Bill colored red instead of black.


Early image of Match Faker, originally uploaded by Turboo (talk)
Early Match Faker
  • Match Faker originally had six rounds and sixteen tiles to memorize. In the final version, there are only three rounds and twelve tiles.
  • The character boxes in Buzz a Fuzzy had two digits and did not show whether the characters had shot their arrow or not.
  • The point tallies for Cheepers Keepers showed three digits at all times.
  • The point tallies for Musical Snares showed two digits at all times.

Debug menu[edit]

A debug menu is hidden in the game's data. It has a level select and a model viewer.[2]