List of Mario Kart 7 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Kart 7.

Early builds[edit]

E3 2010 demo[edit]

  • Rock Rock Mountain and Mario Circuit did not have Glide Ramps.[1]
  • Trick ramps were not implemented, as tricks were not yet confirmed to make a return from Mario Kart Wii. As a result, both Wuhu Loop and Mario Circuit did not have ramps seen in the final release.
  • The pipes at Mario Circuit had different colors.
  • The Dash Panels were rainbow-colored, similarly to Mario Kart Wii's Dash Panels.
  • The design layout of Rock Rock Mountain was different, having a few more trees than in the final release.
  • Races in the demo were two laps instead of three.

E3 2011 demo[edit]

  • In the item roulette, the Spiny Shell was shown with wings, despite lacking them when in use. In the final version, the wingless version is shown.[2]
  • Several ramps in Rock Rock Mountain were not present. Additionally, there were more coins in the first turn before the cave, and the coin placement near the boulder area was different.
  • The coin placement in the pier of Cheep Cheep Lagoon was different, and there were no Sidesteppers in the cave.[3]
  • DK Jungle had many slight differences. For instance, there was an additional DK Barrel in the second turn leading to the red bouncy flower, and the area with tree roots inhabited the first row of Item Boxes instead of coins. The bridge after the Tiki Goons lacked guardrails. There were also no Frogoons in the later jungle area, and the Screaming Pillars seen towards the end of the track were motionless. As for the music, the organ heard in the right ear was noticeably louder.[4]
  • Many sound assets were taken from Mario Kart Wii, including the music for the character-selection menu, the "final lap" stinger, race finish, and the results screen. The music for finishing a race was again reused for the final standings screen, though pitched up.
  • The screen showing the final standings displayed a placement number on a circle, rather than a trophy.
  • There were no Wigglers in Wii Maple Treeway.[5]

Gamescom 2011 Demo[edit]

Nintendo Press Conference 2011 Footage[edit]

  • The Lucky Seven did not have a checkered border. Said border is present in the final version.[7]
  • At the start of Lap 3, Lakitu's sign said "Final Lap"; in the final version, it says "3/3".
  • Kalimari Desert had more cacti in it.
  • The playable Lakitu's voice clips were originally taken from Mario Super Sluggers (where he was voiced by Dex Manley). In the final game, he has new voice clips provided by Tadd Morgan.
  • Coins were generally much more plentiful. This can be seen during the credits of the final release, where there are more coins than usual on the first turn of Mario Circuit.
  • Bullet Oil sponsors were seen in Daisy Hills, but were replaced by Princess Daisy ones in the final game.

Unused data[edit]