List of Wario Land II pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Wario Land II.

Pre-release content[edit]

Wario Land II was originally scheduled to be released in 1997. A screenshot released in that year depicts an underground area not seen in the final game. Broken ledges were found in the early version, and the chain of the grindstone carried by the D-Bat was longer than any chain in the released version. Breakable jars were also found in the underground area, which is not the case for similar places in the final version. The amount of Wario's coins is not seen in the screenshot.

The Game Boy version of Wario Land II was originally planned to be released in Japan. Therefore, the game's Japanese website formerly used screenshots of the unreleased Japanese Game Boy version. Among them was a screenshot of the Japanese title screen. The number "2" was placed a bit lower than in the Game Boy Color release, and, like its Western counterpart, the logo didn't have the border that was added in all Game Boy Color versions. Furthermore, the copyright date was still 1997.