List of Super Mario Bros. pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Super Mario Bros.

Early iteration[edit]

The development of Super Mario Bros. began with a 16x32 pixel square used as a placeholder, which couldn't jump at all and moved about a single screen. After taking notice of the sales figures for Mario Bros., Tezuka proposed the idea of using Mario for the game to Miyamoto, which was accepted.[1] Visible checkpoints were considered in development.[citation needed]

Sketch of a cloud level.

The game was initially far more focused on shooting than platforming. Mario could carry weapons (with a rifle and a "beam gun" mentioned as being usable),[2] and the control scheme was different; the up arrow of the +Control Pad was used to jump, while pressing A Button used whatever item Mario carried or kicked when empty-handed.[2]

The game was initially divided between ground and sky segments, which had Mario riding a rocket (or a cloud in later stages of development) and shooting enemies.[2] The sky-based bonus round of the final game are apparently a remnant of this idea.[3]

Shigeru Miyamoto initially wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur-like creature in the game, but technical limitations of the NES prevented the concept from being implemented. This idea eventually evolved into Yoshi, who was able to be introduced in Super Mario World for the more powerful Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The development sketches included in Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition show that the game initially had screen-by-screen scrolling (similar to the later-released Super Mario Bros. Special) rather than continuous scrolling as in the final version.[4]

Early builds[edit]

Ending theme[edit]

Koji Kondo originally composed the ending theme with an AABA structure, but, since the song would take up too much memory, the "B" portion was cut. The original version of the ending theme was later used for the Famicom Disk System version of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.[5]

Unused Game Over theme[edit]

An unused alternate version of the Game Over theme was found in the game's files. It was very similar to the regular Game Over theme, but was more simple.[6]

Unused content[edit]

SMB Climbable Ball Sprite.png

There is a brown ball that Mario can climb similar to a vine. When climbed, Mario makes a buzzing sound.[7]

A short Fire Bar that rotates counterclockwise quickly, along with a few other Fire Bars, can be glitched into the game.[7]