List of Mario Kart: Super Circuit pre-release and unused content

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Pre-release logo of Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Kart: Super Circuit.


The game's working title was "Mario Kart Advance" which was kept in the Japanese version. Early Nintendo Power screenshots showed that the characters had different, "super-deformed" sprites of bigger heads contrasted by smaller karts. The HUD was slightly different, though largely recognizable compared to the released version. Finally, some of the tracks had more detailed backgrounds of an almost painted-quality.[1]

Unused content[edit]

The Banana Bunch and Golden Mushroom items were going to be in the game. The unfinished versions can be seen by using a GameShark code. The Banana Bunch won't do anything, and the Super Mushroom acts like a Mushroom but gives the ability to have infinite boosts even if no item is shown. A Fake Item Box was planned to be in the game but removed for unknown reasons. It has the same functions as a regular Banana.

Also found in the games files are all 4 Battle courses from Super Mario Kart. This could mean that these courses were planned to be unlockable as the race courses are.[2]

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