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This article is about the second Koopa Beach track from Super Mario Kart. For the similarly named Mario Kart 64 track, see N64 Koopa Troopa Beach.
Koopa Beach 2
Koopa Troopa Beach 2
Koopa Beach 2 from Super Mario Kart.
Appears in Super Mario Kart (1992)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
Mario Kart DS (2005)
Mario Kart Tour (2020)
Cup(s) Special Cup (Super Mario Kart)
Extra Special Cup (Super Circuit)
Leaf Cup (DS)
Staff Ghost 0:54:847 by Ninten★しんや (DS)
(Yoshi in the Egg 1)
Online play Was never available (DS)
Music sample
Super Mario Kart / Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario Kart DS

Course map
Super Mario Kart
The map for Koopa Beach 2.
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
MKSC SNES Koopa Beach 2 Map.png
Mario Kart: Super Circuit minimap as seen on the menu.Mario Kart: Super Circuit minimap as seen in the race.

Mario Kart DS
Koopa Beach 2 mapMario Kart DS
Mario Kart Tour
Map of SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 2 from Mario Kart Tour.

Koopa Troopa Beach 2 (originally known as Koopa Beach 2) is the second course of the Special Cup in Super Mario Kart. It was subsequently reused in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the first track of the Extra Special Cup, in Mario Kart DS as the first race of the Leaf Cup, and in Mario Kart Tour as the signature track of the Marine Tour. It is set on a large sandbank in the middle of a blue sea. Its obstacles are deep patches of water and bouncing Cheep Cheeps.

Course layout[edit]

Koopa Troopa entering the watery portion of the track

The race starts in a small patch of sand surrounded by grass. Most of the ? Panels are on the straightaway after the first turn, and to the left of this straightaway behind a wall is a ramp, which can be reached with a Feather. The racers must drive through a large section of shallow water with many patches of deep water as well as Cheep Cheeps. There is a small patch of land amidst the water with a lone ? Panel on it.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

Toad racing at Koopa Beach 2

The course reappeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and is the first track of the Extra Special Cup. It uses the background from Shy Guy Beach, including the pirate ship. The Cheep Cheeps were removed from the track. Since there is no Feather item in this game, the small ramp in the middle area is unreachable. However, the ramp was not removed despite this; the player can still see it over the wall.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

The course in Mario Kart DS

Koopa Beach 2 reappears again in Mario Kart DS as the first course of the Leaf Cup. Though it is slightly longer, it is still one of the shortest tracks in the game. The island which originally had one Item Box on it is now bigger and has three of them. The ramp inside the wall was removed. A bit of moss was removed near the finish line. It was never available in Wi-Fi play. When the player crosses the finish line to start another lap, Lakitu is shown on the right side of the player, holding the lap count signs.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

The course in Mario Kart Tour

Koopa Beach 2 reappears once more in Mario Kart Tour, where it makes its debut in the Marine Tour. It has been renamed to "Koopa Troopa Beach 2" so that its name is consistent with N64 Koopa Troopa Beach. Unlike the previous versions, the Starting Grid is now located on the main road and several arrow signs on buoys were added. The course now has a starting banner with the classic Mario Kart logo. The walls within the course are now thinner. The island in the water portion is bigger, and that portion has two Item Box sets (one on the island, the other on the other side). The deep water patches are now offroad; they merely slow down racers, rather than sidelining them. The first and last Cheep Cheeps were removed, and the one in front the small island was moved to the other side. The fish themselves bounce higher and merely slow down racers instead of making them spin out. Some of the beach near the starting line is removed, and the part left over is now mossy, requiring two more turns to the finish line. The course is a favorite of Monty Mole, Blue Yoshi, Penguin Luigi, Captain Toad, White Yoshi, Rosalina (Swimwear), Mario (Aviator), Dry Bones (Gold), King Bob-omb (Gold), Pink Shy Guy (Ninja), and the Rosalina Mii Racing Suit. It is also a favorite of Daisy (Swimwear) if she is at level 3, and Peach (Wedding) and Daisy (Yukata) if they are at level 6. As with other courses in the game, Koopa Troopa Beach 2 has an R variant and a T variant, referred to as Koopa Troopa Beach 2R and Koopa Troopa Beach 2T respectively. The reverse variant contains a newly added Glide Ramp, which allows players to glide over the island with shallow water.

If the player falls into the deep, inaccessible water during the course's Glider Challenge, they will enter a brief underwater state before falling out of the screen. The course's Glider Challenge also features a boat designed like one of Sydney's famous ferries.

Like SNES Donut Plains 1, N64 Frappe Snowland and N64 Choco Mountain, it retains its original music, rather than using the Mario Kart DS arrangement.

For this course's tour appearances, see List of SNES Koopa Troopa Beach 2 tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • Websites:
    • Flag of USA.png "Watch out for the deep pools of water and rough sand as you cruise through the Koopa Beach 2 track. This is a short course, so there's no time to lose!"
    • Flag of Europe.png "The colour of the water in Koopa Beach 2 tells you how deep it is. Stay in the lighter-coloured shallow water and avoid the dark patches, otherwise you'll be wishing they fitted your kart with a propeller. A school of jumping fish must be avoided too if you're going to stay dry."


Mario Kart DS[edit]

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコビーチコース2 (Super Mario Kart)
Nokonoko Bīchi 2
Nokonoko Bīchi 2
Koopa Troopa Beach Course 2

Koopa Troopa Beach 2
Chinese (Simplified) 慢慢龟海滩2
Mànmanguī Hǎitān 2
Nuòkùnuòkù Hǎitān 2
Koopa Troopa Beach 2
Chinese (Traditional) 慢慢龜海灘2
Mànmanguī Hǎitān 2
Koopa Troopa Beach 2
French Plage Koopa 2 Koopa Beach 2
German Koopa-Strand 2 Koopa Beach 2
Italian Spiaggia Koopa 2 Koopa Beach 2
Korean 엉금엉금 비치2
Eonggeum-eonggeum Bichi 2
Koopa Troopa Beach 2
Portuguese Praia Koopa 2 Koopa Beach 2
Spanish Playa Koopa 2
Playa Koopa (Mario Kart DS)
Koopa Beach 2
Koopa Beach


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