Level-boost ticket

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Level-boost ticket
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Silver (Normal), golden (Super) or amethyst-golden (High-End) tickets with a Mario (driver), Pipe Frame (kart) or Super Glider (glider) mark

First appearance

Mario Kart Tour (2019)

Effect on player

Increases the skill level of a driver, kart or glider.

Level-boost tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to increase the skill level of a specific driver, kart, or glider by filling up the gauge to level up with 1. If the driver, kart, or glider has already reached the maximum skill level, no further level-boost tickets can be used. Silver level-boost tickets can be obtained from Tour Gifts. Golden and amethyst-golden level-boost tickets can be obtained from Tour Gifts as well, but only if a player is subscribed to the Gold Pass. Level-boost tickets of a certain class can also appear in the shop, but only after the player has gotten at least one driver, kart, or glider of that class to level 6. Since the Wild West Tour, level-boost tickets can also appear in an Event Shop.


  • In-game description: "Raise a Normal/Super/High-End driver's/kart's/glider's skill level."
  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Use your #MarioKartTour level-boost tickets! Higher level drivers are more likely to activate frenzy mode, higher level karts have a higher bonus-point multiplier, and higher level gliders have a longer combo time duration. On favorite courses, a bonus-points boost will be added!"[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベルアップチケット
Reberu appu chiketto
Level-up ticket
French Ticket de capacité Ability ticket
German Level-Ticket Level Ticket
Italian Abilità + Ability +
Chinese (Traditional) 等級提升票券
Děngjí Tíshēng Piàoquàn
Level-boost ticket