Coin Rush ticket

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Coin Rush ticket
MKT Icon CoinRushTicket.png
A green ticket with a coin mark

First appearance

Mario Kart Tour (2019)

Effect on player

Allows a player to play Coin Rush.

Coin Rush tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to give free access to the "Coins × 2" variant of Coin Rush. Without a ticket, a player must pay 5 rubies to play this variant. A Coin Rush ticket can be obtained by completing the second Tour Challenges of a tour and from Event Shops.


  • In-game description: "Lets you play Coin Rush without using rubies."
  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Coin Rush normally requires rubies to play, but you can use Coin Rush tickets instead. This is a great way to get coins for that shiny new offering in the Shop. If you need a few more Grand Stars to unlock a desirable tour gift, use star tickets and get it now!"[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインラッシュチケット
Koin Rasshu chiketto
Coin Rush ticket
German Münzrausch-Ticket Coin Rush Ticket
Italian Coupon Corsa all’oro Gold Rush coupon
Chinese (Traditional) 金幣衝衝衝票券
Jīnbìchōngchōngchōng Piàoquàn
Coin Rush ticket


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