Bowser Cup

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This article is about the cup in Super Mario Strikers. For the cup in Mario Kart Arcade GP, see here.
Bowser Cup

The Bowser Cup is a cup in Super Mario Strikers. It can be unlocked by placing first of each of the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup and Star Cup. In the Bowser Cup, there are eight teams competing. After seven rounds, the top four continue to the semifinals and the winners of the semifinals get to the finals. If the player wins the finals, he or she will have to play against the Super Team to unlock it and win the Bowser Cup. Additionally, when beating the Bowser Cup, the Super Mushroom Cup and the Bowser Stadium are unlocked. A similar cup is the Super Bowser Cup.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Copa Bowser -
French Coupe Bowser -
German Bowser-Pokal -