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Super Team
First appearance Super Mario Strikers (2005)
Latest appearance Mario Strikers Charged (cameo) (2007)
Robotic Kritter
“It's not over yet... Defeat Bowser's Super Team to win the Bowser Cup!”
Tournament introduction, Super Mario Strikers

The Super Team is the final opponent in tournament mode in Super Mario Strikers and the only unlockable team in the game. The team includes four Supers, a type of robot affiliated with Bowser. The Super Team can be unlocked by beating them in the Bowser Cup. The Supers are voiced by Kenny James, who is also the current voice actor for Bowser.


Super Mario Strikers[edit]

In the character selection screen, the Super Team is given the title of Robotic Nightmare. It is comprised of four identical outfielders; the player is unable to replace any of them with sidekicks. Due to this, each of them are able to perform Super Strikes, an ability that is otherwise only usable by a team's captain. The Super Team's logo is the Greek letter Omega (Ω).

While every other team has a Kritter serving as their goalie, the Super Team makes use of a robotic Kritter. Aside from being robots, they otherwise look and act the same as normal Kritters, and do not play any other position.

The Supers share some of their animations with Waluigi, along with their Super Strike being based on Waluigi's Drop Rocket.

Mario Strikers Charged[edit]

While the Super Team itself is not playable in Mario Strikers Charged, one of the Supers briefly appears in the game's credits, cleaning a theater's stage with a bucket and mop under Bowser's orders. It eventually gives up and runs offstage in frustration.



Sprites and models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーチーム
Super Team
French Oméga Omega, (Ω), the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
Italian Squadra Omega Omega Team