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Green Kroc
Green Kroc from the DKC Cartoon
Species Kritter
First appearance Donkey Kong Country television series - Booty and the Beast (1998)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country television series - Message in a Bottle Show (cameo) (2000)
Latest portrayal Richard Newman(1998-present)
“But I'm your first...”
Green Kroc, Ape-Nesia

Green Kroc is one of Kaptain Skurvy's shipmates and a recurring character on the Donkey Kong Country animated series.

General information[edit]

Despite the fact that Green Kroc is a minion of Kaptain Skurvy, he does not appear in many episodes. In the episodes Green Kroc does appear in, he is usually aiding Skurvy in one of his many schemes to steal the Crystal Coconut.

He sometimes questions the purpose of pirate rules and doesn't see the point in burying the stolen treasure if they're only gonna dig it back up again. He hasn't studied the Pirate Handbook as well as Kutlass has, which makes him out to be a walnut-brained bottom-feeder in comparison.

Green Kroc is voiced by Richard Newman.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロコ


  • Green Kroc is apparently of French descent as evidenced by his French accent. Green Kroc also has a (rare) habit of slipping back to his native tongue. This appears to be coincidental, as the Donkey Kong Country television series is of French origin.
  • Occasionally, his voice gets switched with Kutlass' due to internal errors.