Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel"
Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel episode title screen
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate France September 11, 1996
USA December 28, 1998
Writer(s) Nadine van der Velde
Song(s) "Creeping"
"Have We Got a Deal?"
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"Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel" is the fourth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series, and was the twenty-fifth to air in North America. It introduces Eddie the Mean Old Yeti to the series. The episode's name is based off the children's game Button, button, who's got the button?

Plot synopsis[edit]

Donkey Kong is sitting in front of his mirror, moping that he feels like he "has a case of the uglies", but Diddy says he looks fine. DK isn't sure, because he promised to treat Candy to a very formal luncheon today and says that he "can't show up looking like a big hairy ape". Diddy, however, tells him he has nothing to worry about, because a big hairy ape is exactly what he is.

That afternoon, DK and Candy are having lunch, eating a special dish of DK's that he calls "Banana Bourguignon", in which Candy can't understand what that word means. Just then, Bluster arrives in the Barrelcopter, telling Candy that it's time for her to get back to work. While he's at it, though, he offers Candy to go see the Banana Slammers with him. But Candy declines, saying she's finishing her lunch with DK. Bluster demands Candy to tell him "What do you see in this big hairy ape?" Having a bit of difficulty finding an answer, Candy replies, "He's a big hairy ape, and you're not." Bluster leaves, mocking Candy's answer, but then decides to himself that "if that's what Candy wants, that's what she'll get!"

The next day, Bluster arrives at the barrel factory, wearing a Banana Flip (a large Elvis-style toupee that the Banana Slammers also wear), expecting that Candy won't resist him now. Instead, Candy is repulsed, Angrily telling him "I wouldn't go out with you even if that was your real hair." This plan having failed, Bluster asks himself what it is that makes Donkey Kong so special that it's attractive to Candy and he then decides that it's the Crystal Coconut.

That night, Bluster sneaks into Cranky's Cabin and steals the Coconut. Meanwhile, DK wakes up from a bad dream, leading him and Diddy to rush over to Cranky's Cabin, banging on his door. DK explains to Cranky that he just had a nightmare about someone stealing the Crystal Coconut, but it's only then that Cranky discovers the Coconut is missing and DK is surprised that his dream was for real. Cranky suspects that King K. Rool has stolen the Coconut, but then DK finds Bluster's calling card on the floor, thus revealing to them that Bluster stole it. Knowing that Bluster doesn't know the danger he's put the island in, DK and Diddy vow to retrieve the Coconut.

Soon, at the barrel factory, Bluster is attempting to impress Candy by showing off the Coconut in his possession, but she merely thinks it's a fake and causes the barrel-making machine to knock it out of his hands and into the bad barrel conveyor belt. DK and Diddy show up just in time to get it off, but then Bluster body-slams DK and he drops the Coconut. The Coconut ends up in a barrel marked "007", which is then loaded onto the Barrel Rocket and blasted off before DK can stop it.

Meanwhile, over at his hideout, King K. Rool is busy constructing his barrel satellite when General Klump comes in, reporting that he and his troops have not yet been able to seize the Crystal Coconut. K. Rool explains (to the viewers) that he needs the Coconut as a power source for his new invention, a Supersonic Satellite (made out of barrels) that will work as "the ultimate spying machine". Upon Klump's explanation that the Coconut was last seen being launched into orbit, K. Rool demands him to go find out where it's headed.

Barrel, Barrel, Who's Got the Barrel?

Back at the barrelworks, Donkey and Diddy are demanding Bluster to tell them where Barrel 007 is going. Bluster doesn't want to, saying he doesn't want them to go off being the heroes again while he is made to look like a jerk ("you already do," Candy comments). Frustrated with this, DK and Diddy leave to go look themselves, but Bluster hints to them that they should look around the beach. Just after DK and Diddy leave, though, Klump and some Kritters come in, demanding the Coconut. Bluster at first tries to fib his way out of the interrogation by claiming he never had the Coconut, then refuses to tell them where it's been transported, but is forced to admit it when the Kritters ready their Klaptrap-Blasters. Reading Bluster's clipboard, Klump finds out that Barrel 007 was sent to Funky's Flights.

Over at the beach, DK and Diddy have had no luck in finding the barrel, so they pay Funky a visit (because DK is hungry) while he's busy working on a painting he calls The Couch Potato Cruiser. As DK is looking through the refrigerator, Funky mentions that his banana barrel shipment today was bare and all he got was a barrel with "two Os and a 7". Funky explains that he was bringing the barrel back to the factory, but on his way, he did a barrel roll with his plane and Barrel 007 fell into the White Mountains, where Eddie the Mean Old Yeti lives.

Funky then proceeds to fly DK and Diddy to the White Mountains; they do not notice that Bluster is trailing them in the Barrel Copter. After Funky drops them off (he has to leave so he can pick up his banana supply), DK and Diddy hear the sound of club-banging coming from a nearby cave. Inside, they find Eddie the Yeti banging a rather small club on Barrel 007. DK asks Eddie to give them the Coconut, but he refuses. After a brief chase, DK and Diddy manage to convince Eddie to give them the barrel by offering him a match in exchange. Eddie is pleased with the fire that the match provides and gladly gives the Kongs the barrel, but then he burns his hand and starts yelling in pain, causing DK and Diddy to run away.

But just as they've made it out, DK and Diddy fall into a pit and lose the barrel to Bluster, who happened to be nearby. DK and Diddy ask Bluster to get them out, but he refuses, saying that he's going to go be the hero and return the Coconut and then he'll get to have lunch with Candy. Suddenly, Klump and the Kritters appear, demanding Bluster to hand over the Coconut. Again, he refuses at first but then has to agree when the Kritters aim their Klap-Blasters again. However, the trigger-happy Kritters start firing all over the place whenever Klump says the word "fire" and Klump starts worrying that he'll be out of a job when K. Rool's satellite goes into orbit. One of the Klaptrap blasts hits and eats Bluster's Banana Flip, causing him to freak out and drop the barrel down the pit. Eddie then shows up, catches the barrel and runs off with it. Up above, Klump decides to angrily blame the Kritters for losing the Coconut.

In the mines, DK and Diddy come to a three-way fork that Eddie has gone into and try to decide which way they should go. Luckily, Eddie comes running out of one of the tunnels, being chased by some Kritters in a mine cart (or a "train", as he calls it). The Kritters catch up to Eddie and his attempt to beat them up fails, as they manage to snatch the barrel out of his grasp. DK and Diddy rush after their mine cart.

Over in his hideout, K. Rool has by now finished constructing his Supersonic Satellite and wants to know why he doesn't have the Coconut with him. Klump attempts to tell K. Rool his alibi (claiming the Kritters deserted him in the face of Eddie), but then the Kritters who snatched Barrel 007 arrive. K. Rool is ultimately pleased and he orders to attach the barrel to his satellite. Unbeknownst to the Kremlings, DK and Diddy sneak in at this moment and hide in one of the mine carts transporting the satellite.

The Kremlings head outside to launch the satellite, but before K. Rool can start the countdown, DK and Diddy show up to interrupt it. K. Rool sends some Kritters to stop them, but DK holds them off while Diddy gets the Coconut out of Barrel 007. The apes then escape with the Coconut, but K. Rool is not worried, explaining that he knew he couldn't count on Klump and therefore had installed a backup power source to the satellite. Instead of lifting off, however, the satellite breaks apart and Klump feigns surprise. Realizing that Klump sabotaged the machine, K. Rool furiously chases him through the desert.

Afterwards, Donkey and Diddy return the Coconut to Cranky's Cabin. DK suggests that Cranky should find a safer place to store the Coconut, but Cranky declines, saying that "as long as I carry a big stick, no one will mess with me!" Suddenly, Eddie the Yeti barges in, carrying a larger club than before and starts wrecking the place, prompting Diddy to add, "Unless it's someone with an even bigger stick!"

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • When Funky is in the biplane to take Diddy and Donkey, its propellers are missing.
  • At the start of the episode, when Donkey Kong says that he "can't show up looking like a big hairy ape" to Diddy, his mouth does not move.
  • While Donkey Kong is walking over closer to Candy with his lunch from the other side of the table during their date, a plate with a banana on it is still at the end of the table.
  • As Bluster is offering Candy the tickets to the Banana Slammers, the cuff on his wrist can be seen clipping through the table.
  • When Bluster is talking to Candy about how he is the future ruler to impress her, he is holding nothing; however, it is only a few seconds later that he shows her the Crystal Coconut. Additionally, he is not on the conveyor belt before the hammer slams onto him.
  • As Barrel 007 is sent along the conveyor belt, before it gets outside the factory, the barrel's shadow can be seen underneath the conveyor belt.
  • After Donkey Kong runs in to the launch area of the Rocket Barrel while attempting to catch it before it launches, he can be seen running in place right before it does.
  • Before Candy takes her break while DK and Diddy are demanding to know where Barrel 007 is heading to, several barrels are on the conveyor belts. After Candy turns around and starts to walk off, there are no barrels. Later, after Bluster is surrounded by Klump and the Kritters, the barrels show up again, only to disappear once again when the Kremlings leave.
  • As the camera pans over after Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong exit Bluster Barrelworks to search for Barrel 007, Klump's shadow suddenly appears from under the door. Additionally, he and the two Kritters are marching in place outside the door as the camera continues to pan over to them.
  • After the Klaptraps eat Bluster's Banana Flip, he is shown to be completely hairless. However, when the scene changes to him running away, his normal hairdo has suddenly returned on his head.
  • When Funky Kong brings his hut down to the ground to let DK and Diddy in, nothing can be seen inside. In the following shot, showing them entering the hut, all of the hut's furniture and accessories can be seen again.
  • During the chase sequence between Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Eddie, their entire shadows as they run along the bridges can be seen on the snow below. Additionally, as Eddie runs into his cave again, Diddy's shadow can be seen on the edge of the screen, moving in place.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 消えたココナッツ
Kieta kokonattsu
The Coconut Vanishes

Dutch Tonnetje, tonnetje, wie heeft de ton?
Barrel, Barrel, Who Has the Barrel?
French Cherche tonneau...désespérément !
Seeking barrel...desperately !
Portuguese (NOA) Barril, Barril... Quem está com o Barril?
Barrel, Barrel... Who's with the barrel?
Spanish (NOA) El barril, el barril... ¿Quién tiene el barril?
The barrel, the barrel... Who has the barrel?
Spanish (NOE) Barril, barril... ¿Quién tiene el barril?
Barrel, barrel... Who has the barrel?


  • The majority of the episode's reruns on the FOX Family Channel cut most of the sequence where DK and Diddy trade Eddie a match for the barrel; this was most likely to avoid the possibility of kids playing with matches (even though the show was rated TV-Y7). It was perhaps for this same reason the show's intro sequence was shortened down on the channel; a shot of Eddie burning his hand from this episode was among the shots in the theme song that were cut.
  • Barrel 007 is a reference to James Bond. (By coincidence, at the time the show was in production, Rareware, the company behind the Donkey Kong Country games, was at work on a Nintendo 64 game based on the most recent Bond film at the time, GoldenEye.) The barrel would reappear in "Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza".
  • In one of the scenes, Diddy Kong turns red, grabs his hat, drops it on the floor, and stomps on it just like in Donkey Kong Country when he loses a minigame.