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This article is about the infant variant of Donkey Kong in the TV cartoon. For his infant counterpart in Yoshi's Island DS, see Baby Donkey Kong.
Baby Kong
Baby Kong's artwork, as seen in the trading card series.
Baby Kong artwork from the Donkey Kong Country trading cards
Species Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Country - Ape Foo Young (1998)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country - Baby Kong Blues (1998)
Latest portrayal Joy Tanner (1998)

Baby Kong is a younger version of Donkey Kong exclusive to the Donkey Kong Country TV series. He is portrayed as a stereotypical infant who pouts a lot. He also likes to say the catchphrase of his older self.


Ape Foo Young[edit]

In "Ape Foo Young", Donkey Kong accidentally drinks Cranky's leftover youth serum and transforms into an infant. When Candy arrives at DK's home and thinks he is absent, Diddy lies to her that DK is busy suddenly caring for his toddler nephew. Candy is unaware that "Baby Kong" (as the characters call him) is actually DK and, while babysitting him, she develops a fondness for him.

Cranky is later puzzled at Baby Kong's appearance because he knows that Donkey Kong does not have a nephew. He almost identifies Baby Kong as DK from his features, but gets distracted and annoyed at him. The potion was eventually revealed to be temporary, and DK reverts to his normal self at the end of the episode.

Baby Kong Blues[edit]

Baby Kong inexplicably reappears as a separate character in "Baby Kong Blues", under the care of Candy and Dixie. On a bet with Candy and Dixie, Baby Kong is lost while being baby-sat by DK and Diddy. After he finds Baby Kong, King K. Rool attempts to raise him for an heir, but Donkey Kong eventually manages to convince him otherwise.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベイビーコング
Beibī Kongu
Baby Kong
French Bébé Kong Baby Kong