Kong Fu (character)

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Kong Fu
Kong Fu's artwork, as seen in the trading card series.
Species Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Country - "Kong Fu" (1998)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country - "Message in a Bottle Show" (cameo) (2000)
Portrayed by Richard Newman
“Now what was that about? A spine-a-less worm?! Yellow-bellied?! Find another chump to do your dirty work. I forfeit!”
Kong Fu, Kong Fu
Kong Fu.jpg

Kong Fu is a Kong from the Donkey Kong Country animated series episode "Kong Fu". He was voiced by Richard Newman. His name is a portmanteau of "Kong" and "kung fu".

In the episode, he was hired by King K. Rool and the lizards to beat Donkey Kong in the Annual Donkey Kong Challenge – a contest to see if anyone could defeat Donkey Kong in three challenges and become the new ruler of Kongo Bongo Island.

Though Kong Fu managed to beat Donkey Kong in the Mind challenge, Kong Fu lost the Heart challenge to Donkey Kong; it seems Kong Fu was afraid of the dark and while Kong Fu was panicking during a solar eclipse Donkey Kong refused to hit him, showing true virtue and winning the Annual Donkey Kong Challenge.

Despite dominating DK in the Body challenge, Kong Fu later forfeited the contest to Donkey Kong after he heard K. Rool, Krusha and Klump mocking his fear of the dark and calling him a wuss.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンフー
Kon Fū
Kong Fu