To the Moon Baboon

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"To the Moon Baboon"
To the Moon Baboon episode title screen
Season 2
Episode 12
Airdate France February 19, 1997
USA December 6, 1998
Writer(s) Erika Strobel
Song(s) "What Do You Love the Most?"
"The Island of Kongo Bongo"
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"To the Moon Baboon" is the twenty-fifth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series and the twelfth episode of season 2. It was the twenty-first episode to air in North America. During the episode, Donkey Kong thinks of an idea to put Kongo Bongo Island in a place of history: send a time capsule to the moon with several artifacts from the island so those living there in future generations can learn about the island and how great it really was. Unfortunately, Bluster Kong is put in charge of this mission, and Donkey Kong can't choose anything important to put in the capsule that isn't in comparison to other islanders' items.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Cranky is up late using his telescope to study the moon, while Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are asking him ridiculous questions about it. At one point, they begin to discuss the plot of a movie they saw, Maniac Monkeys on the Moon, that took place on the moon: part of it involves the protagonists finding a time capsule sent there by a past generation. The monkeys then begin wondering what it would be like on the moon, and, upon hearing Donkey Kong say if "it were cool if [they] could take a picture of [themselves] and send it to the moon!" Cranky states that a time capsule is a good idea.

The next morning, the Donkey and Diddy are heading toward Bluster Barrelworks to tell Candy and Bluster about the time capsule. The two have already head outside, and Candy, upon being asked where she is going, states that she was given the afternoon off to get a donation for the time capsule. DK asks how Bluster knew about it, and he tells him that he was placed in charge. He states that he offered his facilities and transportation for free, explaining that it was his contribution to the capsule. Bluster then insults Donkey Kong, stating that he would have nothing of importance to contribute, and Donkey Kong tries to respond, but fails. He then leaves, depressed, to find something "big and important" to give. K. Rool and Klump then emerge from behind a fake bush.

Heading back to base in a mine cart, stating how insulted he feels about not being invited to contribute to the capsule, when he is stopped by a Klaptrap named Jr. Klap Trap, who asks the king for his dentures back, but he is annoyed by his request. Inside the tunnels, he continues to express his anger, but is hit on the head by a low-hanging lantern.

K. Rool eventually regains consciousness thanks to Klump and Krusha, and is reminded about the Kong's time capsule. He then comes up with a plan; Klump thinks he wishes to destroy the rocket (which is the capsule), but K. Rool angrily demands that they search the vault for a truly diabolical device, stating that he wishes to make a contribution.

Back at Bluster Barrelworks, Bluster is admiring the design of the rocket barrel when Donkey Kong comes in carrying a pair of dumbbells. Bluster sarcastically asks what the future would do with them, and DK states that they would "work out", leading him to falsely admit that his contributing the weights was a joke. However, he instead offers his tie as a donation, but Bluster remarks that he has nothing to give to the future. DK still denies this, saying that he has something really amazing to contribute to the capsule, when he really does have nothing.

At his house, Donkey Kong is rummaging through a chest of stuff when the elevator comes up; it is Diddy, holding a custom-made conga that he is going to give to the time capsule. Donkey Kong still does not know what to give, but, with the help of Diddy (through song), Donkey Kong is given an idea. He returns to the site, Bluster insulting him again, but Donkey Kong tells him that he has gotten something special, his favorite part about the island: bananas. He holds out a single banana, and Bluster laughs at it (he also states the DK "Even [he] can't have ideas that stupid!", though he replies, "Yes I can! In fact, I have a whole bunch of them!") Candy and Dixie then arrive, Dixie giving Bluster her donation. He throws it in the rocket barrel and insultingly tells them about Donkey Kong's idea to send bananas. Candy, however, stands up for him, telling Bluster that it is a good idea for DK to send something that means so much to him. Bluster then wishes to see what is so special about Dixie's donation, though the female apes stop him before he can open it, and convince Bluster to accept DK's bananas. However, even after this, Bluster still refuses the bananas.

Over at Funky's Flights, Diddy is surprised to see that Funky will be donating his prize-winning surfboard. Donkey Kong states that it is a special contribution, though Funky and Diddy tell him that the bananas he thought about donating were more special, that it is because of them that he has the strength to take on K. Rool and his minions. DK then asks that, if the bananas are so special, then why Bluster was selected to run the operation.

Cranky is rummaging through his belongings, searching for something specific, when he hears a knock on the door. When he hears it is Donkey Kong, he attempts to have him help, but DK forces him to hear what he has to say. He asks why Bluster was chosen when the capsule was Donkey Kong's idea, but Cranky sarcastically asks if he has "a rocket ship, or barrels to send to the moon." DK is disappointed, but is asked by an exited Cranky to help him set up what he was looking for: a film projector. Meanwhile, Klump and Krusha are outside, watching the events play out. They play the film, and it shows various clips of K. Rool's failures, including the time he tried to steal the Crystal Coconut live on TV, the time Klump sabotaged his supersonic satellite, the time he and his minions were flung off by the wooden boards on the bridge to Cranky's hut and the time Donkey Kong punched him in the eye. He then has Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong guard the Crystal Coconut while he takes the film to Bluster. While doing so, Diddy is messing with various elixirs while also trying to help Donkey Kong think of an idea. When he sees the Crystal Coconut, he tells Diddy to go and give his drum; he has thought of an idea.

On the way back to K. Rool's lair, Klump and Krusha are stopped by Jr. Klap Trap, still requesting that they return his dentures. However, his request is once again denied and Klump and Krusha continue on their way to the king. They excitedly report to him that the apes are sending the clips of his failures to the moon, which angers K. Rool. In order to ensure that the future generations do not see him as a failure and a fool, he has the two minions blow up the rocket.

Bluster, in the meantime, is excited that, in a few minutes, his name will go down in history, when Donkey Kong shows up, carrying what he believes to be a worthy donation; however, it is in a wrapped box and he will not show it to Bluster. As he puts the box in the rocket, Klump and Krusha arrive, telling Bluster that they are going to blow up the rocket. Bluster cowers, but upon seeing Donkey Kong the crocodiles run away, still carrying the bombs. They explode, and the minions are disoriented until Donkey Kong begins to chase them.

Cranky and Diddy return to his cabin, only to find both Donkey Kong and the Crystal Coconut are gone. Cranky wonders who could have taken it, but is surprised to hear from Diddy that it was DK; he had thought of a perfect idea, and figures he was referring to the coconut.

At K. Rool's hideout, Donkey Kong knocks out his minions, and requests K. Rool's presence. He tells the king to stay away from the capsule, but he instead rushes to a mine cart with Jr. Klap Trap, now with his dentures returned, and heads to the site of the capsule's launch, with Donkey Kong chasing after him. Klump and Krusha wake up, but decide not to follow. Donkey Kong is following K. Rool by swinging from vines, and eventually jumps into a mine cart. They continue the race to the site until they reach a track intersection; K. Rool's cart knocks DK's off the track, a dazed Donkey Kong emerging seconds later.

At the Barrelworks nearby, the rocket barrel is about to launch, but Diddy and Cranky abort just in time. K. Rool then arrives, and has Jr. Klap Trap devour the rocket; however, K. Rool is then told that the Crystal Coconut is inside. He is surprised to hear this, and kicks a barrel at Jr. Klap Trap. He begins to eat this, and the Kongs continue to distract him by sending several other barrels his way. Donkey Kong then arrives, intent on continuing the launch. Cranky tells him not to, but is too late; Donkey Kong presses the button, and the rocket blasts into the air. After some seconds, K. Rool asks Cranky why he would do such a ridiculous thing; Cranky then tells him that it was really Donkey Kong who donated it. The islanders ask why Donkey Kong would donate the Crystal Coconut in the first place, though DK himself states that putting the coconut on the ship would be a terrible idea. He then tells everyone that he hid it somewhere for safe keeping while he went to donate a song that he wrote. K. Rool hears this, and is angered that his greatest failures are now stored for future generations, as well as confiscating Jr. Klap Trap's dentures. DK then explains to the others that the song was inspired by the Crystal Coconut, and proceeds to sing it. Afterward, Bluster notices the rocket; he explains that it delivered the capsule, and is flying back to the island. However, instead of landing, it flies towards K. Rool's lair and crashes, resulting in the vehicle exploding.

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • One of the numerous scenes of the past episodes in Cranky's film has Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel and Double Date Trouble, however those episodes aired after "To the Moon Baboon". This is actually due to differences in airing times between the original French versions and the English dubs; they aired prior in France.


K. Rool: Why on Earth did you put The Crystal Coconut on the rocket ship?! [sobbing] Oh, how will I ever become dictator now without it?!
Cranky: I didn't put it there, you twit!
K. Rool: Then who did?! I should have guessed. You Neanderthal numbskull!
Diddy: DK! What were you thinking?!
Cranky: Have you lost your mind?!
K. Rool, Diddy and Cranky (simultaneously): Why did you put it in a rocket ship?!
DK: I thought it was a good idea.
Cranky: Putting The Crystal Coconut on a rocket ship and blasting it to the moon is a good idea?!
DK: Are you crazy, Cranky? That's a bad idea. You didn't put it on there, did you?
Diddy: No, DK, you did!
DK: No, I didn't. I hid it somewhere for safekeeping while I went off to write my song.
Diddy: Your song?
Cranky: You mean it wasn't aboard the rocket ship?
DK: No, why would I send The Crystal Coconut to the moon?
K. Rool: It wasn't in there?!?! You idiot! You moron! Thanks to you my greatest failures are up there for all time! For starters, those dentures are confiscated!
[King K Rool storms away, disgruntled while Jr. Klap Trap sobs after hearing that his dentures have been confiscated]
Diddy: So, you wrote a song?
DK: Inspired by The Crystal Coconut and now sitting on the moon for future generations.
Diddy: Huh? Must be some song, DK.
DK: It is, Diddy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムカプセル
Time Capsule
French Lune, lune ! Moon, Moon!