Booty and the Beast

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"Booty and the Beast"
The title card for the episode Booty and the Beast from the Donkey Kong Country television series
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate France October 9, 1996
USA September 13, 1998
Writer(s) Nadine van der Velde
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"Booty and the Beast" is the third episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series. It was the sixth to air in North America. The title of the episode is a reference to Beauty and the Beast, the "beast" most likely referring to Jr. Klap Trap.

Plot synopsis[edit]

In a pirate ditty ("Pirate's Scorn"), Kaptain Skurvy reveals part of his origins as a pirate, his history with the Crystal Coconut, and his intentions to steal it.

At Cranky's Cabin, Cranky is pacing about, saddened and complaining about how his life is so quiet when a cannonball flies into his house. Cranky is able to duck in time, while the projectile crashes behind him. Kaptain Skurvy then demands the Crystal Coconut, smoke around the cabin's entrance clearing to reveal him. Cranky is surprised to see that he is there, and Skurvy once again demands he give them the coconut, Skurvy's crew stepping out from behind him and Green Kroc threatening to slice him apart if he doesn't. Cranky states that he doesn't know what they are talking about, but Skurvy's parrot convinces the pirates that it is inside the object in the center of the room. Skurvy demands that he open it, though Cranky continues to state that he doesn't have it and tells the pirates to leave. However, this does not work, as the object opens, revealing the Crystal Coconut. Cranky still refuses to let him have it, and when Skurvy attempts to do so anyway Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong arrive. Skurvy attempts to charge them, but Donkey punches him, knocking him out. Green Kroc and Kutlass attempt to attack them, but they are apparently no match for the two, and Skurvy and the crew retreat.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool is viewing the Crystal Coconut from a telescope, which is soon after revealed to be attached to a barrel cannon with General Klump loaded into it. K. Rool fires, and Klump is sent flying into the cabin. He is able to grab the coconut before the Kongs notice, and is sent flying out of the cabin and back into the cannon via the bungee cord he is attached to. Excited that Klump was able to successfully complete his mission, K. Rool runs off with the cannon with Klump still loaded into it. The Kongs head outside and watch in disbelief.

At Bluster Barrelworks, Candy is busy working while Bluster continuously calls out to her. Annoyed, Candy finally asks what he wants. Bluster asks her who the "handsomest, bravest ape in all of Kongo Bongo" is, though she replies by saying it is Donkey Kong. During their conversation, however, the machinery in the barrelworks shuts down, and the two are surprised when K. Rool and Klump enter. Bluster hides behind Candy while she asks what he wants. K. Rool states that he is going to take over the factory, since he has the Crystal Coconut. Bluster immediately surrenders, and K. Rool has him reconfigure the factory to produce explosive barrels. Bluster refuses, but he gives in to K. Rool's demands when two Kritters with him point their Klap-Blasters at him. As the barrels are being produced, K. Rool relishes his victory as the mechanism that guarantees the barrel's quality continuously detonates them.

Over at Cranky's Cabin, Cranky is still distraught and tells DK and Diddy to get the Crystal Coconut back. Diddy asks how they are to do this, and Cranky states that he doesn't care how when they all hear explosions. Donkey Kong immediately figures out that the source is exploding barrels. Meanwhile, K. Rool is still watching barrels continue to explode as Bluster expresses his humiliation and sadness over the loss of the barrels. Bluster states that he cannot destroy another barrel, so K. Rool shoves him out of the way to do it himself. As he does this, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong arrive (though K. Rool does not recognize their presence at first). After the two exchange some banter (with Bluster sneaking away during this time), K. Rool presses various buttons, detonating more barrels on the conveyer belt and starting a chain reaction, causing the other barrels to explode. K. Rool and Klump use the opportunity to escape via mine cart. However, DK and Diddy chase after them in another one. During the chase, Bluster, who is in the mine cart directly behind K. Rool's, finds a Klap-Blaster, and threatens to fire if he isn't freed. Klump, however, tosses the Crystal Coconut at him, causing him to drop the blaster and fly out of the kart. K. Rool, however, scolds him for throwing the coconut at him, but upon noticing that DK and Diddy are still gaining on him, he fires the Klap-Blaster. The miniature Klaptraps make quick work of the mine cart, and K. Rool and Klump are able to escape. The Kongs are determined to head after him, but Bluster then shows up and reveals that he has the coconut.

Back at Cranky's Cabin, DK and Diddy present him with the Crystal Coconut, but Cranky continuously tells them to leave. Donkey and Diddy don't understand at first, but as soon as they are able to walk in, they find that Skurvy and his crew are inside. Skurvy demands that they put it down and has Kutlass retrieve it when Donkey Kong does so. The two Kongs then head off to once again retrieve the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey and Diddy are confronted by Klaptrap.

Back on Skurvy's ship, the pirates are celebrating their victory, and that with it, they will rule the "six seas" (with the parrot reminding Skurvy that there are seven). Above, Donkey and Diddy are searching for the pirate ship on Funky's plane. As soon as they sight it, Funky drops them, intent on having them land in the water; instead, they crash down upon the pirate ship as Funky flies off. Almost immediately after they land, Skurvy and his crew appear and capture the two Kongs. The crew imprison them with all but their heads inside barrels and Skurvy intent on dumping them overboard into "shark-infested waters." However, as soon as the pirates leave, Donkey Kong hears a voice. It turns out to be a giant Klaptrap. Donkey asks for Jr. Klap Trap to free them, but he cannot because he has no teeth. He then makes a deal with the Kongs: freedom in exchange for helping to get his teeth from the crow's nest. As soon as Jr. Klap Trap unlocks the barrels they were trapped in, Donkey Kong dives into the pile of bananas right next to him and eats them until he is satisfied.

Outside, Skurvy states that nothing will be able to stop him now when Donkey and Diddy break out of the room they were imprisoned in. Skurvy is surprised at first, but has his crew attack them. The two Kongs split up in response. Donkey Kong immediately punches out Green Kroc. However, Diddy is being chased by Kutlass. He chases him around the crow's nest until Jr. Klap Trap, who is standing there, tells Diddy to hurt him. Kutlass notices him and attempts to slice him, but instead succeeds in slicing a rope, which releases a weight; Jr. Klap Trap gets caught on the other end of the rope, and is flung up into the crow's nest. The two continue the chase, until Donkey Kong shows up and punches out Kutlass.

However, as soon as the two believe they have won, they remember that Skurvy is still there, who shows up with a cannon. He fires a cannonball at them, but it instead bounces off of the ship and flies up into the crow's nest. Some munching and slicing can be heard, and the cannonball falls to the ground, now eaten like an apple. Jr. Klap Trap then appears, with his teeth back in, and begins to eat the ship. Donkey and Diddy leave.

On a rock near the edge of Kongo Bongo, Skurvy and his two pirates can be seen. The two others are chanting until Skurvy tells them to shut up. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are sitting on the nearby pier, relieved to have saved the coconut at last. However, Jr. Klap Trap then shows up, with Donkey Kong worried that he is still hungry. However, Jr. Klap Trap assures them that he isn't, but then winks at the audience and says, "yet," before laughing.


  • Cranky: Hm, the quiet life. Nothing ever happens around here. No one calls me, no one comes to visit-
    (a cannonball shoots through his front door)
  • Kaptain Skurvy: In the name of me Great Great Great Grand Papi Kaptain Skurvy- May maggot ravage his rotton remains -Hand over me birthright!
  • Cranky: Sounds to me like you've lost your coconut. I'm telling you, never heard of it, never seen it! I don't have it.
    Polly Roger: *lands on the globe containing the Crystal Coconut* Raw! Coconut? Did somebody say coconut? Raw!
    Cranky: *nervously* What? That's not a coconut.
  • Kaptain Skurvy: *after Donkey Kong starts fighting them* Abandon ship!
  • King K. Rool: Are you comfy, Klump?
    Klump: *in a cannon barrel* Um, no. This is a very unconventional way to invade enemy territory. A way that's sure to cause me pain, Your Majesty!
    King K. Rool: *laughs* Better you than me!
    Klump: *resigned* Yes sir.
  • King K. Rool: *running off with the barrel cannon* Brilliant! That was brilliant! *laughs*
    Klump: *still inside* Get me out!
  • Bluster: Oh Candy! Woo hoo! Candy, Candy, Candy!
    Candy: What do you want Bluster?
    Bluster: Pop quiz; Who's the handsomest, bravest ape in all of Kongo Bongo, hmm?
    Candy: That's easy, I go out with him, it's Donkey Kong!
    Bluster: Wrong answer, incorrect. Shall I give you a hint?
    Candy: No.
    Bluster: I will anyway.
    Candy: Don't bother!
  • Candy: Uh oh!
    Bluster: Uh oh! Mommy! *gets on his knees in front of K. Rool* You're the master! *kisses the floor* The poobah! *kisses the floor* What's mine is yours, what's hers is yours, what's yours is yours, all of it, yours!
    Candy: Bluster, you spineless worm!
  • Bluster: What, me work? I never work! *after they take aim at him* Yes well I see your point.
  • Bluster: Oh! Manual labor, how soul crushing, how humiliating!
  • Donkey Kong: What are you talking about? They got the Coconut, Bluster!
    Bluster: Do they? Are you sure? Pop quiz: Who's the bravest ape on Kongo Bongo? Who's got the Crystal Coconut, hm? *shows them* Ta da!
    Donkey Kong: The Coconut!
    Diddy: Bluster?! I-I-I-I-I-I-I don't get it!
  • Donkey Kong: *after Cranky still won't let them in, unaware of the pirates* Uh, I don't get it. You tell Diddy and me to get the Coconut- Oh wait a sec. I get it, you need a password! But I don't know the password.
    Cranky: I told you, you can't come in!
    Donkey Kong: I know I know, it's the Cranky Pokey!
    DK and Diddy: *dance* You put your right foot in and you shake it all about! You do the Cranky Pokey and you turn yourself around! That's what it's all about! *laugh*
    Cranky: Numbskulls...
  • Kaptain Skurvy: Alright men, we got the booty, now lets scooty!
  • Cranky: I tried to warn you!
    Donkey Kong: That wasn't a warning, it was a convulsion!
  • Kaptain Skurvy: And now I have reclaimed the Coconut, I will rule the six seas!
    Polly Roger: Raw! Last I counted there was seven.
    Kaptain Skurvy: Even better!
  • Funky: *after dropping Donkey Kong in the ship instead of the water* Woah, bummer! I'm out of here!
  • Diddy: Hey, where is everyone?
    Donkey Kong: Maybe they abandoned ship? Maybe we caught them by surprise.
    Kaptain Skurvy: Surprise!
  • Kaptain Skurvy: What should we do with em mates?
    Kutlass: We'll deep-six 'em!
    Green Kroc: We'll keelhaul 'em!
    Polly Roger: Make them walk the plank, raw!
    Kaptain Skurvy: All of the above! *laughs*
  • Diddy: Let us go Skurvy!
    Kaptain Skurvy: Oh I'll let ya go.
    Donkey Kong: You will?
    Kaptain Skurvy: Just as soon as I find some shark infested waters! *laughs*
  • Donkey Kong: *trying to get out of the barrel* Ugh! It's useless, I'm out of gas! I need bananas.
    Jr. Klap Trap: Hey, yo! Yeah you! *indicates pile of bananas* Well what do you call these?
    Donkey Kong: *bewildered* Klaptrap?
    Jr. Klap Trap: No ding-dong, bananas!
  • Donkey Kong: Look out you beauties, here comes Donkey Kong! *jumps in pile of bananas*
  • Diddy: I need some back up here!
    Kutlass: Stand still and I'll back you up!
  • Jr. Klap Trap: Get em, smash em! What are ya waiting for?
    Kutlass: *stops in front of him*
    Jr. Klap Trap: Kidding, I was kidding!
  • Jr. Klap Trap: Hey buddies, missed me?
    Donkey Kong: Yipe, Klaptrap! *hides the Crystal Coconut* Uh, you're not still hungry are you?
    Jr. Klap Trap: That first course was a little salty. I'm not in the mood for dessert.
    Donkey Kong and Diddy: Whew!
    Jr. Klap Trap: *winks at viewer* Yet. *laughs*

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • When K. Rool enters the barrelworks, there are two Kritters standing behind him and Klump. When the camera pans upward, they move as well.
  • Despite K. Rool's plan to stockpile explosives at the Barrelworks, he deliberately detonates many of the Barrel Bombs he creates while still on the assembly line, seemingly just for his own amusement.
  • This episode was one of the four to be spliced into the direct-to-video movie Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystal Coconut. However, it was placed after "Ape-Nesia", which causes continuity errors. The song Pirate Scorn from this episode was also spliced into the episode "Legend of the Crystal Coconut."
  • Kutlass and Green Croc can be heard talking with each other's voices instead of their own.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海賊あらわる
Kaizoku Arawaru
The pirates appear
Dutch Kokosnoot en Krokodil Coconut and Crocodile
French Un singe à la mer Monkey overboard


  • This marks the debut appearances of Kaptain Skurvy, Kutlass, Green Kroc, Polly Roger, and Jr. Klap Trap.
  • Despite the fact that Skurvy's ship is destroyed, it returns in future episodes, seemingly unharmed.
  • Scottish Pirate Metal band Alestorm covered Pirate’s Scorn on their album Curse of the Crystal Coconut, inspired by the show and franchise.