Gorilla Glacier

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Gorilla Glacier
GorillaGlacier DKC.png
Game Donkey Kong Country
Level(s) 6
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“The snowcapped peaks of Donkey Kong Country are rarely climbed due to the hazardous conditions found at such high elevations. The ground is like solid ice and does not offer a firm foothold for the explorer. Blinding blizzards often strike without warning. The resulting lack of visibility can make the already challenging obstacles in this area next to impossible!”
Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet, page 21

Gorilla Glacier is the fourth world in Donkey Kong Country and an arctic wasteland found on the peak of Donkey Kong Island.

There are many ice caves and deep ravines featured in the world, including a treetop village. Most of the levels have icy, slippery ground that cause Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to slightly lose traction. In most levels, there is a 3-D effect of snow and dynamic backgrounds. In the Game Boy Advance version, some of the effects were removed or edited from the levels, and some of the levels were rearranged in a different order from the redesigned world map. One of the levels is the first and only location that the Kongs meet their Animal Friend, Squawks.

Gorilla Glacier appears to be the mountainous counterpart to the Volcano world from Donkey Kong Country Returns. When asked if they were the same region, senior designer Kynan Pearon approved of the idea.[1] However, the Cliff world uses arranged versions of Gorilla Glacier's music.

In the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, the Gorilla Glacier portion of Kongo Bongo Island is referred to as the White Mountains. This area is the home of Eddie the Mean Old Yeti and is otherwise fairly barren of features.

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Level Description Enemies Animal Friends
Snow Barrel Blast
Snow Barrel Blast
This is the first level of Gorilla Glacier. The main feature of the level is the multitude of Barrel Cannons needed to cross over the pitfalls. In the original release, a severe snowstorm develops in the later part of the level. Necky
Slipslide Ride
Slipslide Ride
The second level of Gorilla Glacier, which is set in an icy cavern. Like the previous level, the ground is slippery and icy, so the Kongs do not have much traction. To get through Slipslide Ride, the Kongs must use slippery rope to either slide up or down an area. Kritter
Ice Age Alley
Ice Age Alley*
Like Snow Barrel Blast, this level also takes place in the snowy mountain. It takes place during a snowstorm but features more rope-swinging segments in place of Barrel Cannons. Shortly before the very start is an Expresso Crate with Expresso the Ostrich. He allows the Kongs to more easily cross over the rope segments, and is even required to research a Bonus Barrel. The main hazards of the level are Mini-Neckys. Mini-Necky
Manky Kong
Croctopus Chase SNES.png
Croctopus Chase*
The third underwater level of the game, Croctopus Chase is set in an icy river infested with Squidges and Croctopuses. In various segments, Croctopuses chase after the Kongs. Because they are invulnerable, the only option for Donkey Kong and Diddy is to swim away from them in the thin level design, so their only option is to swim as fast as you can. They have small areas where they await and go to rest after a set amount of time. Squidge
Chomps Jr.
Torchlight Trouble
Torchlight Trouble**
This level takes place in a dark cave level. However, Squawks helps the Kongs see in the level by holding a torchlight in his talons. Oil drums and Mincers appear throughout the cave, and it is the shortest level of Gorilla Glacier. Klump
Klaptrap (bonus game)
Rope Bridge Rumble
Rope Bridge Rumble**
This is the final level that takes place in a treetop village. Winky the Frog's Animal Crate appears in the level's first Bonus Area, and he assists the Kongs with defeating Zingers, jumping between platforms over pitfalls, and even reaching a normally unreachable Bonus Barrel. Kritter
Really Gnawty Rampage
Boss level: Really Gnawty Rampage
This is where the Kongs fight the world boss, Really Gnawty. He is similar to Very Gnawty except for his higher jumping capabilities. However, in the Game Boy Advance remake, Really Gnawty causes stalagmites to fall from the ceiling from his ground impact. None None

*The order of these two levels were switched in the GBA version.
**The order of these two levels were switched in the GBA version.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル4 ホワイトマウンテン
Reberu 4 Howaito maunten
Level 4 White Mountain
French Glacier de gorille Gorilla's Glacier
German Gorilla-Gletscher Gorilla Glacier
Italian Gorilla al Polo Nord Gorilla at the North Pole
Spanish Glaciar Gorila Gorilla Glacier


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