Chimp Caverns

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Chimp Caverns
ChimpCaverns DKC.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Levels 5 (SNES)
6 (GBC)
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Chimp Caverns is a large cave world ventured through in the game Donkey Kong Country, entered through the eye area of Donkey Kong Island. It only features five levels, although there is a sixth one that appears exclusively in the Game Boy Color remake of the game. The boss of Chimp Caverns is Master Necky Snr. despite the name of the boss level being Necky's Revenge (a reference to the previous Master Necky). It seems to be another industrial Kremling mining center like Kremkroc Industries, Inc., considering the presence of fuel-run platforms in Tanked Up Trouble and metal platforms in Platform Perils. In the original and Game Boy Color versions, the cave map features an underground body of water below the area traveled, but in the Game Boy Advance version, it has cracked volcanic rock.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル6 やみのいりえ
Reberu 6 Yami no irie
Level 6 Dark Cove
Spanish Cavernas Chimpancé Literal translation
French Caves des Chimpanzés Chimpanzee Caverns