Chimp Caverns

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Chimp Caverns
ChimpCaverns DKC.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Levels 5 (SNES)
6 (GBC)
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Chimp Caverns is the sixth and final world in Donkey Kong Country, located in the eye area of Donkey Kong Island. As its name suggests, Chimp Caverns is set in a large cavern, and it occurs before the boss fight against King K. Rool on Gang-Plank Galleon.

There are five levels in Chimp Caverns, and an additional sixth level, Necky Nutmare, in the Game Boy Color port. Master Necky Snr. is the boss of Chimp Caverns, and is fought at the bottom-right corner of the area. Chimp Caverns appears to be another industrial Kremling mining center like the previous world, Kremkroc Industries, Inc., considering the presence of fuel-run platforms in Tanked Up Trouble and metal platforms in Platform Perils. Chimp Caverns also features numerous mines, including one filled with mist. A body of water appears at the bottom of the world map, dividing the location in two. The Kongs can cross the water by using a bridge. A ladder is also shown at the left and right sides of the world map each.

Like the other worlds, Chimp Caverns's world map was changed for the Game Boy Advance port. Here, it has a more volcanic appearance, as shown from the cracked rocks below. There are also some Mine Carts on a track adjacent to Funky's Fishing. Despite the implementation of these map features, none of them appear within the levels. The large pond from the previous two versions was also removed, along with the ladder on the east side of the map. Cranky's Hut is also located on top of a rocky structure, followed by two smaller ones.

Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries, Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Name Summary Enemies Animal Friends
Tanked Up Trouble SNES.png
Tanked Up Trouble
The debut level is similar to Trick Track Trek in that the Kongs travel on a moving platform, but it is drastically different. While there is a similar layout, the moving platform now runs on fuel that quickly drains. The Kongs must constantly collect Fuel Barrels to keep the platform moving until the end. Kritter
Manic Mincers SNES.png
Manic Mincers
Manic Mincers takes place in a cave itself, where the main feature and obstacle alike are the Mincers. Rambi the Rhino's Animal Crate is found early on in the level, and he can help the Kongs progress through the area. Gnawty
Klaptrap (bonus game)
Misty Mines SNES.png
Misty Mine
A mine level featuring a thick layer of mist in it. There are many black drums which usually release Slippas, and sometimes Gnawtys. Notably, all of the K-O-N-G Letters appear in a single Bonus Area. Slippa
Necky Nutmare (Game Boy Color port)
An ordinary cave level that features numerous Mini-Neckys and some perched Neckys. It is also the first level to have gray Krushas, which are usually only featured in the final level, Platform Perils, in other versions of the game. Mini-Necky
Loopy Lights SNES.png
Loopy Lights
The level has ON/OFF Barrels that function similarly to the Stop & Go Barrels of Stop & Go Station, and it going from dark to bright is somewhat similar to Blackout Basement. By default, the level is entirely dark, meaning that the Kongs must use the ON/OFF Barrels to see ahead of them. Purple Klap Traps are the main enemy of this level. Klaptrap
Manky Kong
Platform Perils DKC screenshot.png
Platform Perils
The final regular level of the stage. Platform Perils involves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong moving across numerous platforms, each with an arrow indicating the direction they go in. There are gray Krushas in the level, who are capable of deflecting even Donkey Kong's jump attack. Many of the platforms are occupied by a gray Krusha, who can only be defeated by using a nearby Vine Barrel. Krusha
Boss level: Necky's Revenge
This is where the Kongs fight Master Necky Snr. In the Game Boy Advance port, he is assisted by Master Necky. None None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル6 やみのいりえ
Reberu 6 Yami no irie
Level 6 Dark Cove
French Caves des Chimpanzés Chimpanzee Caverns
German Affenklein Höhle Small Ape Cave
Italian Gole di Gorilla Gorilla's Gorges
Spanish Cavernas Chimpancé Chimpanzee Caverns