Necky Nutmare

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Necky Nutmare
Necky Nutmare.png
Level code 6 - 4 (GBC)
Game Donkey Kong Country (GBC version only)
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Necky Nutmare is the thirty-second level that only appears in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country. It is the fourth level of Chimp Caverns, located between Misty Mine and Loopy Lights.


Necky Nutmare takes place in a cave, and it is the last level to take place in one. Its name hints at the numerous Mini-Neckys and Neckys who appear in the level. The word "nutmare" is a pun on "nightmare", which references the numerous coconuts that the Mini-Neckys spit out. These enemies are the main hazard of the area, and sometimes even spit coconuts from a narrow crawlspace. The Kongs must carefully time their movements to avoid being hit by coconuts.

Necky Nutmare is mostly a generic cave level, although it is the first to feature gray Krushas. There are also some pitfalls that the Kongs must cross, either from using platforms or bouncing on flying Neckys. A few ropes appear as a means of safely alternating between the upper and lower floors.


The level starts by heading down a few small, stair-like structures towards a lower area containing two Mini-Neckies. After climbing up a nearby ledge, the heroes reach a DK Barrel and a gray Krusha at the bottom of another ledge. More ledges appear to the right, and some Armies appear from a hill behind the area. There is a nearby ledge that leads to a platform, where an oil drum stands. After a few more ledges, they encounter a few more Armies and then a low ceiling with a Mini-Necky immediately following it. A flat pathway ahead of here leads to a rope that goes to another area, where they can find two Mini-Neckies shooting at them on their left and right sides. The letter K sits in an alcove to the left of the rope. A wide abyss containing two Neckies and two ropes lead to a nearby set of Neckies. To the right is a stationary rope that leads to a flat area of land with a DK Barrel and a Krusha on it. Next, there are a set of three low ceilings with Mini-Neckies. The letter O is found after the first of the small passages and a Life Balloon after the second. After crawling through the three passages, there is a Banana Bunch, a Krusha, and a barrel. At the edge of the pathway, the heroes can find the level's Star Barrel.

The next area contains a pathway leading to the left and right. The pathway to the left leads into a dead-end with a Mini-Necky, but the opposite pathway leads towards several bananas and a small pit. There is a wider pit with another set of Neckies. On the other side, there is a DK Barrel and a small pit that is followed by a gray Krusha and several ledges. A straight pathway leads through an area with several Neckies and an Army. After this, there is a pit with two moving platforms and one that drops when stood on. The letter N can be seen and a hidden chain of Barrel Cannons send them back upwards.

Once a nearby pit is crossed, there are a pair of Armies on some small, stair-like structures, which are followed by a deep alcove with a Mini-Necky above it. A DK Barrel also sits in the area after it. If the heroes drop into the alcove, they can find a lower area containing a Krusha and a wide pit with a few small platforms in it. The letter G stands on one of the platforms, while an Auto Fire Barrel sits near another, which can blast them into the area upwards, near the previous area. After this, a sign saying "Almost There" can be found along with a Mini-Necky right after it. After passing another Mini-Necky in a unreachable area, there is a long section of the level with more Neckies and two platforms with one containing the DK Barrel. After another set of stairs, a gray Krusha appears next to a wide pit with more Neckies. On the other side is a non-functioning oil drum and the level exit.


Name Count
Army sprite in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Unlimited (black drum)
A gray Krusha from Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color.
Krusha (gray)
Mini-Necky in Donkey Kong Country for Game Boy Color.
Necky in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color.
10 (flying)
1 (perched)


Name Count
A DK Barrel in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color.
DK Barrel
A red Life Balloon in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color.
Life Balloon

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

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Letter Location
The letter K in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color. After completing the Bonus Stage, the active Kong must climb down the rope and head left, past a Mini-Necky. The letter K is in the far corner.
The letter O in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color. Above a Mini-Necky in between a set of two lowered ceilings.
The letter N in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color. Shortly after the Star Barrel are a few platforms over an abyss. DK or Diddy must stand on the middle platform which falls straight down to the letter N. A shortcut of two Barrel Cannons take the Kongs across the rest of the pit.
Necky Nutmare DK or Diddy must fall down a cliff just before the arrow signpost. They must pass a gray Krusha and jump on a platform with the letter G just over the abyss.


Image Description
The sprite of a DK Sticker Pack from Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Color.
DK Sticker Pack
There is a green banana just before the Star Barrel. Donkey Kong must go into the floor below and defeat the Mini-Necky. From the same position, he must Hand Slap the ground and collect the unearthed DK Sticker Pack.

Bonus Area[edit]

Image Description
The first Bonus Area of Necky Nutmare in the Game Boy Color remake of Donkey Kong Country. Shortly after the start of the level, the Kongs can find a black drum releasing Armies on a hill. DK or Diddy must go on the hill and jump off from the left side, to a floating Banana. This reveals a hidden Bonus Barrel that leads to the first and only Bonus Area.

The objective is to spell out "DIDDY" from the floating letters. By doing so, the Kongs are awarded with a Blue Balloon. If they do not spell it correctly, the Kongs lose at the challenge.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレムリンのどうくつ3
Kuremurin no Dōkutsu 3
Den of Kremlings 3
French Niveau Necky Necky Level
German Neckys Nachtmahr Necky's Nightmare
Italian Le noci di Necky Necky's Nuts
Spanish Locura de Necky Necky Madness


  • The Italian name of this level is almost the same as Necky's Nuts.