Candy's Challenge

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Candy's Challenge
Candy's Challenge
The Challenge Shack.
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color) (2000)
Greater location Donkey Kong Island
Inhabitants Candy Kong
Not to be confused with Candy's Challenges.

Candy's Challenge is a minigame that appears in the Game Boy Color remake of Donkey Kong Country. It replaces Candy's Save Point from the original release, as the Game Boy Color version automatically saves after a level's completion. It was replaced again with Candy's Dance Studio in the Game Boy Advance remake.

All six worlds have a unique challenge, each one having the objective for DK and Diddy to collect its Banana Coin. The Kongs cannot replay a world's challenge after completing it, or even re-enter its Candy's Challenge, whose text is displayed in red from the world map.


Stage Description
Candy's Challenge in Kongo Jungle in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Kongo Jungle
The Kongs have to bounce off of a tire and land on the ground patch that conceals the Banana Coin. The first and third patches both hide a Banana Bunch, while the second patch hides the Banana Coin.
Candy's Challenge in Monkey Mines in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Monkey Mines
The Kongs play a Roulette Barrel mini-game, and the objective is to jump at a barrel the moment it depicts a Banana Coin, but not a Zinger, four times. The barrel then stops changing between two pictures. If each of the four barrels are individually jumped at while a Banana Coin is depicted, the barrels merge and unveil the second Banana Coin, but if a barrel that shows a Zinger is jumped at, the Kongs lose the mini-game.
Candy's Challenge in Vine Valley in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Vine Valley
The Kongs watch a Banana Coin transferring rapidly from four barrels in the style of a roulette machine. Once the Banana Coin disappears, the lead Kong must jump at the barrel that contains it. If the correct barrel is chosen, the Kongs win the third Banana Coin, but if the wrong barrel is chosen, they lose the mini-game.
Candy's Challenge in Gorilla Glacier in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Gorilla Glacier
The Kongs have to jump at the orbiting letters in the correct order; the letter that must be selected flickers and is highlighted red. The controlled Kong first has to spell out "CANDY" to acquire an Extra Life Balloon, then the word "FUNKY", which revolves slightly quicker, to receive a Green Balloon (two lives), and finally, the word "CRANKY", which revolves the quickest, to obtain the fourth Banana Coin. If a letter is jumped at in the incorrect sequence during the mini-game, the Kongs lose.
Candy's Challenge in Kremkroc Industries in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Kremkroc Industries, Inc.
The Kongs have to scale blue and white ropes while avoiding revolving Zingers. The fifth Banana Coin is located on the area's centered white rope. If DK or Diddy fall down the abyss or are hit by a Zinger, they lose the mini-game. This is the only challenge with enemies.
Candy's Challenge in Chimp Caverns in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country
Chimp Caverns
The Kongs have to blast through a maze of Barrel Cannons and Blast Barrels in search of the sixth and final Banana Coin (positioned in the center of the area). If a barrel launches DK or Diddy into an abyss, the Kongs lose the challenge. An Extra Life Balloon is at the furthest right of the area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャンディーのチャレンジ
Kyandī no Charenji
Candy's Challenge
French Chall. de Candy Candy's Challenges
German Candys Kabuff Candy's Cubbyhole
Italian Le Sfide di Candy Candy's Challenges
Spanish Reto de Candy Candy's Challenge