Winky's Walkway

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Winky's Walkway
Winky's Walkway
Level code 2-1
World Monkey Mines
Game Donkey Kong Country
Music track Life in the Mines
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Winky's Walkway, also spelled Winkeys Walkway,[1] is the sixth level in Donkey Kong Country and the first level of Monkey Mines. Winky first appears in the level, and Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can optionally free him from his animal crate and ride Winky throughout the level. Winky helps the Kongs jump between areas, defeat enemies, and reach items. Winky's Walkway is considered the shortest level of the game. The level was extended in the Game Boy Color version, featuring more enemies and platforms, though this was reverted in the Game Boy Advance version.


Winky's Walkway Winky's Walkway
Winky's Walkway's appearance in the Game Boy Color version, top, and Game Boy Advance version, bottom

The Kongs begin the level on a long set of scaffolds that hold three Kritters and a DK Barrel. A Necky also flies above the center of this area with the letter K above its head. The primates can find a pit at the edge of the scaffold set, which they can cross with the help of a Necky flying in it. A slanted scaffold covered in bananas is located on the other side of the pit. When the heroes climb to the top of it, they find a few leveled scaffolds with a pair of Neckys flying above them. An animal crate containing Winky the Frog sits on a small platform between the foes. If the Kongs continue forwards from here, they come past a Kritter and a small pit that is followed by a platform with several bananas hovering over it. The letter O floats above the pit. After the primates cross one more pit from here, they find themselves on a solid platform with the level's Continue Barrel on it.

From this point, the primates can find a set of two scaffolds that support a DK Barrel and a black drum that sends out Gnawties to attack them. On the other side of a nearby pit, the heroes can find a Necky hovering under a Barrel Cannon that leads into a Bonus Level. A slanted scaffold nearby leads down to another platform that holds a black drum, which shoots out an infinite number of Gnawty enemies. Once the primates pass the beavers and the black drum, they approach two smaller scaffolds that hang over a wide abyss. A Necky flies to the right of the second platform, and the vulture can be bounced on in order for the Kongs to cross the pit more easily. On the opposite side of the pit, they can find a Zinger circling an Expresso Token. They can find the letter G nearby after a small pit containing a Necky. When the duo reaches the scaffold under the letter, they find a sign, indicating that the level is almost over. After walking across two scaffolds, avoiding the Gnawties spawned from a nearby black drum, they make their way over an abyss and onto a slanted scaffold that leads onto another platform with an exit sign on it. If they travel ahead of the sign, they complete the level and head over to Mine Cart Carnage.

Game Boy Color version[edit]

The Kongs start off on a long set of scaffolds, many of which are tilted. As in the original version, they can find a Kritter and a Necky with the K letter above it here. After passing the first Necky, they head along some flat scaffolds that hold a few Kritters. A small pit is ahead, which can be crossed with the help of a Necky flying over it. On the other side of the pit, they can find a slanted platform leading to some leveled scaffolds, which hold a Kritter. Two Neckys are also here that fly next to a hanging platform nearby, containing an animal crate with Winky inside of it. After hopping to a small platform carrying six bananas and then to a slightly larger platform with a DK Barrel on it, the Kongs can find a long, flat scaffold ahead of them that supports a black drum that shoot Gnawties. Another set of scaffolds are ahead of here, and a Necky flies above the first of the platforms. A Barrel Cannon leading to the first Bonus Level floats over it. The heroes can also find another black drum here after heading down a slanted platform. The black drum is followed by two small platforms that hang over a large abyss. Upon landing on the second platform, a Banana Bunch is revealed from the ground. A Necky flies in a pit just before a long, flat scaffold ahead of here, and they can bounce on the vulture to cross it. They can find a Zinger guarding a Banana Bunch high in the air on the other side of the pit. Once the duo travels across the long scaffold, they approach a small pit with a Necky flying up and down in it. The letter N hovers above the platform following this pit. If the primates travel down some more scaffolds ahead of here, they find a black drum and a small pit that is followed by a slanted platform leading up to a leveled platform. The level's Continue Barrel floats above it.

Now about halfway through the level, the Kongs can find some scaffolds after a small pit, which hold a Kritter. Three smaller platform are ahead of here, hanging over a wide abyss. The first of the platforms supports a DK Barrel and is followed by a Necky, while the final platform is also placed next to a Necky, who flies under a hidden Expresso Token. A large scaffold is ahead of these platforms, and it holds a few bananas. The heroes can cross a wide pit ahead of it by bouncing on a nearby Necky. On the other side of the pit, they can find a slanted scaffold that leads the heroes to a more leveled platform. A scaffold hangs above it that supports a Gnawty-spewing black drum. Another scaffold that holds a Gnawty-spitting black drum can be found after a wide pit, which can only be crossed with the help of the two Neckys the fly in it. A slanted scaffold follows the black drum with a small pit containing a Necky ahead of it. The vulture is followed by a small platform that holds a DK Barrel. After the heroes cross a pit ahead of this platform, they reach a set of scaffolds that lead them higher into the level. At the edge of the last scaffold, they can find a trail of bananas leading down to a small platform. A Necky flies near the banana trail that they can bounce on to reach a small platform supporting the letter G. The Kongs can find a long scaffold under this platform that is completely void of enemies, except for a single Mini-Necky at the end of it. A small platform follows the small bird enemy that holds a sign, indicating that the level is near complete. Once they cross a small pit containing a Necky, they reach a platform that hangs under a Zinger, who guards a Life Balloon. A slanted scaffold is ahead of here that takes them towards an exit sign. If they travel past the sign, they are sent to the next level, Mine Cart Carnage.


The following enemies appear, in the following quantities, and enemies marked in bold debut in the level:

a - Four Gnawties appear by themselves, though the black drums spawn them indefinitely.

Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear, in the following quantities:

b - Four DK Barrels appear in the Game Boy Color version.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The G in Winky's Walkway from Donkey Kong Country Winky's Walkway
The letter G's location in the original and Game Boy Color version, respectively

Unlike other levels, some of the KONG Letters have different locations in the Game Boy Color version:

  • K: In all versions, the letter K appears above the level's first Necky.
  • O: Placed above a small pit immediately after the Winky Crate. In the Game Boy Color version, it is in the level's only Bonus Level
  • N: In the center of the level's Bonus Level. In the Game Boy Color version, it is instead next to a pit near the last black drum before the Star Barrel.
  • G: The letter G is located above the pit with the final Necky of the level. In the Game Boy Color version, it is shortly before the level's first and only Mini-Necky is a small hanging platform with the letter G. The Kongs can reach it by bouncing on a nearby Necky.

Bonus Level[edit]

Winky's Walkway
The first and only Bonus Level of Winky's Walkway

Winky's Walkway has one Bonus Level, listed by its type in the Game Boy Advance version:

  • Collect the Prizes!: After the Continue Barrel, the Kongs and Winky must find a large platform with a Bonus Barrel. A Necky is flying back and forth under it, and to enter the Bonus Barrel, the Kongs must either bounce on Necky or have Winky bounce up into the Bonus Barrel. In this Bonus Level, the Kongs and Winky find a lot of bananas, the letter N, and some Banana Bunches at the top, which can only be reached with Winky's high jumping ability. The Kongs and Winky can exit to the right.

Warp Barrel[edit]

A Warp Barrel appears exclusively in the Game Boy Advance version. When the Kongs reach the Winky crate, they must break it open to ride Winky. They must jump to the left to enter a hidden Warp Barrel that leads to a slanted scaffold before the exit sign.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウインキーのどうくつ
Uinkī no Dōkutsu
Winky's Cave

French Chemin de Winky
Winky's Path
German Winkys Trampelpfad (SNES)
Winkys Wanderpfad (GBA)
Winky's Hiking Trail
Italian Ponte di Winky
Winky's Road
Spanish Camino de Winky
Winky's Road


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