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Sprite of a stopped Stop & Go Barrel in Donkey Kong Country.Sprite of a going Stop & Go Barrel in Donkey Kong Country.
Stop & Go Barrels
“Found on Stop & Go Station, one touch of these barrels will stop a Rock Kroc in its tracks.”
Donkey Kong Country (GBA) instruction booklet, page 17

Stop & Go Barrels,[1] also named GO barrels,[2] are a type of barrel that appears in Donkey Kong Country, where they are exclusive to the level Stop & Go Station. They are each a dark barrel reading either "Stop" or "Go" on it, respectively in red and green text, and are similar to ON/OFF Switches. The stage lighting corresponds to the Stop & Go Barrels' current setting (red for "Stop" and green for "Go").

In Stop & Go Station, most of the paths are occupied by the invulnerable Rock Krocs, whose movements can be manipulated from the numerous Stop & Go Barrels appearing throughout the level. By default, each Stop & Go Barrel is set to "Go," permitting the Rock Krocs to move around. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jump at a Stop & Go Barrel, it and the other barrels of its type temporarily read "Stop," causing the Rock Krocs to curl into a ball and cease movement. This allows the Kongs to safely pass the Rock Krocs. After a while, the Stop & Go Barrels revert to "Go," and the Rock Krocs resume movement. The duration in which the barrels are set to "Stop" is based on the distance from that Stop & Go Barrel to the next one.

The level Loopy Lights features its own series of barrels with a similar functionality, On & Off Barrels, which temporarily turn on the lights throughout the stage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Barile semaforo[3] Traffic light barrel


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