Really Gnawty

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Really Gnawty
Really Gnawty.png
Artwork of Really Gnawty from Donkey Kong Country
Species Gnawty
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (GBA) (2003)

Really Gnawty is a giant, brown Gnawty and a counterpart of Very Gnawty in Donkey Kong Country. Its name is a pun on "really naughty," in the same manner as Very Gnawty's name being a pun on "very naughty." In a Nintendo Magazine System (UK) issue, Really Gnawty was named Gnawty Beaver like Very Gnawty, who was described as being his "fallen comrade."[1] Really Gnawty is the fourth boss of Donkey Kong Country, and it is fought in Gorilla Glacier's boss level Really Gnawty Rampage. Really Gnawty is fought as a harder version of Very Gnawty, as it can not only jump left or right at a greater speed and distance, but it can also do a high vertical jump, which it does after each hit. Whenever Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jump on Really Gnawty, it gives a surprised expression, then it laughs and jumps high in the air, attempting to crush the Kongs. Really Gnawty adds another high jump for each additional hit. After five hits, Really Gnawty is defeated.

In the Game Boy Advance version, when Really Gnawty is jumped on, it instead jumps to the other side of the arena once, causing stalactites to fall to the ground before continuing to jump as normal. The remake also changes Really Gnawty to a slate gray color, with Very Gnawty being colored brown instead, and both of them were made larger.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リアリーノーティ
Riarī Nōti
Really Gnawty
Spanish Really Gnawty -


Sprite of Very Gnawty
Very Gnawty
A giant Gnawty in Donkey Kong 64
A giant Gnawty in Donkey Kong 64
  • Gnawties equal in size to Really Gnawty appear in Donkey Kong 64, near Cranky's Lab in Jungle Japes. The only difference between Really Gnawty and these Gnawties is that the large Gnawties of Donkey Kong 64 can be defeated in just one hit, rather than five as in Donkey Kong Country.


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