Master Necky Snr.

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Master Necky Snr.
Master Necky Snr. official artwork
Artwork of Master Necky Snr. from Donkey Kong Country
Species Necky
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (SNES) (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (GBA) (2003)
“It's just like the old days, reusing the boss, changing it's[sic] color, and pretending it is completely new.”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country
Diddy in a boss battle against Master Necky Snr.

Master Necky Snr. (stylized as Master Necky, Sr. in the Nintendo Player's Guide[1]) is a gigantic Necky and the sixth boss of Donkey Kong Country. He is the boss of Chimp Caverns and is fought in the boss level, Necky's Revenge. Master Necky Snr. is the last obstacle that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong encounter before the final boss fight against King K. Rool on Gang-Plank Galleon.

Master Necky Snr. fights similarly to Master Necky, but he spits coconuts farther and faster. Master Necky Snr. starts by spitting one coconut at the Kongs, although after each hit, Master Necky spits one more coconut at the Kongs. To attack Master Necky Snr., the Kongs must use the bouncy tire in the center to bounce high and onto Master Necky Snr.'s head. After five hits, Master Necky Snr. falls onto the floor in defeat.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Necky's Revenge involves Master Necky collaborating with Master Necky Snr. in a battle against the Kongs. Both of them spit out a single nut, one after the other. When Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jump on either boss five times, that boss is defeated. Afterward, the other boss starts shooting four nuts in succession. When the Kongs jump on both bosses five times, they win the boss fight.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスターネッキーシニア
Masutā Nekkī Shinia
Master Necky Snr.


  • Master Necky Snr. is one of three characters in the Donkey Kong Country series who is only seen by its head, the other two are Master Necky and Krockheads.


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