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Manky Kong
Manky Kong
Artwork of a Manky Kong from Donkey Kong Country
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (sticker cameo) (2008)
Latest portrayal Chris Sutherland (1994)[1]
Variant of Kong
“These Kong reject orangutans sure know how to roll out the barrel!”
Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet, page 29

Manky Kongs are Kong reject orangutans and enemies in Donkey Kong Country. Their name derives from the primarily-British slang term "manky", meaning "dirty", while also playing on the word's similarity to "monkey". The former refers to the enemy's ragged appearance, with bad teeth and unkempt fur that seems to be falling out in places, notably the head.


Donkey Kong Country[edit]

A Manky Kong throwing a Barrel in Orang-utan Gang
Manky Kong holding the letter J in the Game Boy Color port

Manky Kongs attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by throwing an endless supply of barrels in their direction, of which the Kongs must avoid. Some Manky Kongs throw barrels at a faster rate than others. Every Manky Kong stands in one spot and does not move around. The Kongs can defeat Manky Kongs similarly to other basic enemies, such as Gnawty, by either jumping on its head, rolling into it, or throwing a Steel Keg at it.

Manky Kongs first appear in the level Orang-utan Gang, where they appear standing on the treetops all throughout. They also appear in Ice Age Alley, Oil Drum Alley, Trick Track Trek, Blackout Basement, and Loopy Lights. Manky Kongs usually throw barrels from a height, which effectively protects themselves from the Kongs’ attacks.

In the Game Boy Color port, the player can print a sticker of Manky holding the letter J from the Game Boy Printer, from the selection menu's "ALPHABET" option of the PRINT sub-menu.

In the Game Boy Advance port, a photograph of a Manky Kong is obtainable by throwing a Steel Keg at one.

Super Mario Kodansha manga[edit]

A singular Manky Kong appears as a secondary antagonist in the Donkey Kong Country arc of the Super Mario Kodansha manga. Exiled in the past by the Kongs from Donkey Kong Island, he drifted in the ocean until he was picked up by the Gangplank Galleon. Wanting revenge, he allies himself with the Kremlings and guides them in their invasion of Donkey Kong Island. He sporadically appears in some chapters to stop the heroes' progress or taunt them, but he is ultimately defeated alongside King K. Rool.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Manky Kong later appears as a collectible sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In The Subspace Emissary, the sticker is only usable by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and it boosts the strength of arm attacks by 10 points.


Donkey Kong Country[edit]

Instruction booklet:

  • "These Kong reject orangutans do know how to roll out the barrel!"

Player's Guide:

  • "Manky Kong is really mad. Probably because he was never accepted as part of the Kong group. The word "manky" seems to be derived from the words "mangy" and "skanky." It's certainly befitting for such an unsightly ape. Every time that you come across Manky Kong, you'll need to take immediate action. He has a never-ending supply of barrels and he's not shy about throwing them at you. Generally, Manky Kong will toss three barrels quickly, pause, and then start throwing them again. Use that pause to your advantage and move in on him!"

Nintendo Power:

  • "This orangutan wanted to be a hero like Donkey Kong, but he got caught up in the thrill of barrel throwing and hasn't been able to let it go. As you approach Manky, hop over each of the barrels he heaves, then stomp him after clearing the final barrel."

Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker[edit]

Image Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary
A Sticker of Manky Kong from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Donkey Kong Country [Arm] - Attack +10
Usable by: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong






Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンキーコング
Mankī kongu
Manky Kong
French Manky Kong -
Italian Manky Kong -
Spanish Manky Kong -


  • Unlike most of the other Kongs, Manky Kongs are shown having four fingers and toes instead of five. Diddy Kong, as well as Dixie Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong and Tiny Kong, also had this distinction before the GameCube era.
  • In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong must hit a Manky Kong twice to defeat it. However, in the game's international releases, Diddy Kong can defeat them in a single hit.
  • Due to the word "manky" being regional slang, Nintendo Power explains it as seemingly derived from the words "mangy" and "skanky".[2][3]


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