Eddie the Mean Old Yeti

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Eddie the Mean Old Yeti
Eddie the Mean Old Yeti as seen in the collectable card game.

Eddie the Mean Old Yeti, or just Eddie the Yeti or Eddie for short, is a recurring character on the Donkey Kong Country animated series. Eddie's model is an obvious recolor of Donkey Kong's, as the two are identical besides their fur color and clothes. He is voiced by Damon D'Oliveira.

The first appearance of Eddie on the show was in "Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel". In this episode, Bluster Kong steals the Crystal Coconut in an attempt to impress Candy Kong and promptly loses it in a barrel which is shipped to Funky's Flights. Funky takes the barrel on board his plane and ends up losing it in the White Mountains, where it is found by Eddie. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong come looking for the coconut and discover Eddie bashing it with his club; they then trade him a matchstick for it and leave. Unfortunately, due to complications involving Bluster Kong and Klump, the Kongs end losing the coconut once more and it briefly returns to Eddie's possession before it is taken by some Kritters and given to King K. Rool; in the end, the Kongs eventually reclaim the coconut.

Eddie's next appearance was in the episode "Cranky's Tickle Tonic", in which the enraged banging of his club has gotten so loud that all the inhabitants of Kongo Bongo Island can't get any sleep. To stop him, Cranky and Funky Kong create a potion which will give Eddie a case of the chuckles, although King K. Rool (having come up the mountain to shut Eddie up himself) consumes the tonic instead, although his subsequent laughing fit manages to cheer Eddie up, and he stops incessantly banging his club.

After these two main appearances, Eddie's role in the show was reduced slightly. In the episode "The Big Chill Out", Eddie is shown to be an employee for Donkey and Diddy's Coconut Chill business. Eddie also briefly appears in the episode "Ape-Nesia" where he is seen complaining after an amnesia struck Donkey Kong stole his favorite club. In "I Spy with My Hairy Eye", Eddie falls in love with K. Rool's Candy Clone, and it is revealed that the raging responsible for his club-banging stems from loneliness. In the episode "It's a Wonderful Life" (based on the movie of the same name), Eddie takes on the form of Donkey Kong's guardian angel.

In "Follow That Coconut", it is revealed that Cranky, Eddie and Bluster once discussed a genius soccer play, and when Cranky forgets it just before the annual soccer match between the Kongs and the Kremlings, he visits Eddie. The yeti had also forgotten the play, as well as who Cranky and Bluster were, but when Cranky persists, he remembers that he had written the play down in a journal, which he then shows to the old Kong.

Eddie the Mean Old Yeti makes another appearance in "Message in a Bottle Show". In this episode, the ape is invited to a banquet to remember the times with Donkey Kong. At the banquet, Eddie announces that he thinks Donkey Kong is "cool," and then shows flashbacks of him and the ape.

Eddie's final appearance in the series is in "It's a Wonderful Life." He appears only during Donkey Kong's dream, under the name "Eddie the Guardian Angel Yeti." As the name states, he is Donkey Kong's guardian angel after he wishes he did not exist. While he remains stupid he is actually friendly towards Donkey Kong. He also is a ghost, has the ability to fly and can materialize other ghosts, though he seems reluctant to use this ability even though it would help Donkey Kong. He is only seen up until the point that he allows Donkey Kong to exist.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エディー
Portuguese Eddie, o Velho e Perverso Yeti Eddie, the Old and Perverse Yeti