Obel Corsica

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Funky Kong in road rage mode, from a La planète de Donkey Kong skit.
Funky Kong in a fit of road rage

Obel Corsica is a skit that aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet. It is framed as a car commercial. Its title is a pun on the car model Opel Corsa.


Funky Kong is driving down a road. He is overtaken by a van on the left lane, causing an angry Funky to shout "I tell you: women at the wheel? More like, death at the corner!". The other car stops, prompting Funky to honk and taunt the driver. Four Candy Kongs then come out of the car and one of them asks Funky, in an Italian accent, if he's looking for trouble.

The commercial ends as the narrator delivers the tagline "Beware: this car can hide many others. MANY others..."


“Hey babe! You tell me when you're done with your makeup, ok?”
Funky Kong