C'est pas sorcier

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The logo for C'est pas sorcier.

C'est pas sorcier is a skit that aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet. Its name is a French expression referring to something which is not complicated, similar to the expression "It's not rocket science".


The skit starts with Donkey Kong in a wizard outfit standing on a rock during nighttime. Donkey Kong casts four spells which spawn fire. Donkey Kong then looks up and shoots lightning between his hands, which causes the DKTV logo to appear inside a ball of lightning. The lightning disappears and Donkey Kong says "Et voilà". The logo for C'est pas sorcier appears, and the narrator says "DKTV: C'est vraiment pas sorcier" (DKTV: It's really not rocket science).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French C'est pas sorcier It's not sorcery