La nuit des vivants-morts

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Screencap of La nuit des vivants-morts
“Jean-Claude had everything a man could hope for: a well-paid journalist job, two wives, one mistress...”

La nuit des vivants-morts (Night of the Dead Livings) is a skit that aired on the French TV block Donkey Kong Planet. As with many of the show's skits, it is framed as a trailer for a movie. Its title is a reference to the film Night of the Living Dead. A running gag throughout the skit is the zombies and narrator drawing out the "A" in their speech.


Screencap of La nuit des vivants-morts.
Donkey Kong as a math teacher

The skit stars Jean-Claude Truchet, a journalist zombie. After completing his morning routine of eating a severed arm with ketchup and brushing his teeth, Jean-Claude heads to his office. Making small talk with his zombie Kong co-workers and staying up late at night to complete an article, the zombie heads to a supply locker to get a stapler, but instead finds "a hideous creature born out of a demented mind" - a math teacher. Jean-Claude immediately flees as Donkey Kong chases him in the hallway, blurting out various facts about geometry. Jean-Claude locks himself in his office and explains the situation to Candy Kong, who attempts to reassure him by saying math teachers only exist in fairy tales. Immediately after, Donkey Kong burst open the door and starts naming several polygons.

The skit ends with other Kongs cornering Jean-Claude as the narrator states "They're now among us and proliferating: contractual math teachers, bankers, bailiffs, financial inspectors. The nightmare has already begun...".