Le gros rouge qui tache

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The logo for the Donkey Kong Planet skit Le gros rouge qui tache.

Le gros rouge qui tache (The big red who creates a mess) is a skit which aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet.


The skit starts in a house during Christmas, showing a Diddy Kong without a shirt and with a red diaper and a toy yelling. Another Diddy Kong with glasses, a shirt, and a white diaper is then shown yelling while the other Diddy Kong is still yelling. Candy Kong in red pajamas is shown yelling while the argument continues. The shirtless Diddy Kong then says that he does not want his toy. The yelling then stops and Candy Kong says that each year what happens is the same, and she then talks about what happens each year. During this talk Donkey Kong dressed as Santa Claus is shown dancing on a roof. A small brown Kremling with antlers who is sucking his thumb howls. The shirtless Diddy Kong says that a person does not want to play with him. Donkey Kong is then shown sidestepping on a rooftop. The Diddy Kong with glasses is shown and the Diddy Kongs argue. Candy Kong says that something is not possible. Donkey Kong is then shown on a rooftop putting one of his fingers in a pipe and then tasting it. The argument is then shown continuing. Donkey Kong is then shown losing his balance and falling into a chimney. The family is shown arguing again. Donkey Kong is then shown falling through the chimney and into the fireplace, covering his face with soot. Candy Kong yells at Donkey Kong for interrupting them. Donkey Kong apologizes. Candy Kong yells at him again. The narrator then says "Chez Candy, à la même époque, c'est toujours la même chose. La Père Noël est le gros rouge qui tache." (At Candy's, at the same time, it's always the same thing. Santa Claus is the big red who creates a mess.). The skit's logo is then shown.