Bluster Barrelworks

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Bluster Barrelworks
Bluster Barrelworks from an overhead view, from the Donkey Kong Country TV series.
First appearance Donkey Kong Country - Bad Hair Day (1996)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country - It's a Wonderful Life (2000)
Greater location Kongo Bongo Island
“It's right here in this very place that they build the barrels. Unfortunately, the place is run by that upwardly-mobile jerk, Bluster.”
Cranky Kong, "Bad Hair Day"

Bluster Barrelworks is a company in the Donkey Kong Country television series. Bluster Barrelworks is the resident barrel-making factory on Kongo Bongo Island. Though Bluster Kong runs the factory, it is officially owned by his mother. Aside from Bluster, the only other employee is Candy Kong.

The grounds of Bluster Barrelworks consist of the factory itself, a helipad for Bluster's barrelcopter, a launch site for the Rocket Barrel, and a set of mine cart tracks, connecting the factory to the rest of the island.

After sending lumber in that is manufactured into a barrel, the barrels are sent down a conveyor belt inside the factory to Candy Kong, who either rejects them or accepts them (appearing to be a quality inspector). Barrels that are accepted are sent down one belt to be shipped, and those rejected are sent down the other belt and are destroyed. In the episodes "Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza" and "Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel," it is shown that the factory ships barrels using the Rocket Barrel.

In "Booty and the Beast," King K. Rool, after once again stealing the Crystal Coconut, takes over the factory and uses it to manufacture TNT Barrels, until Donkey Kong arrives and drives him off.