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OM, from Remix Files.
OM explains his issue.

OM ("in two letters") is a character featured in the Donkey Kong Planet skit "Remix Files". A man who dress like a garden gnome, he attempts to enlist Agent Muldor and Agent Dana Loonie (Donkey and Candy Kong, respectively) in helping him get rid of zombies who have taken residence in his garden.

OM walks in the office of the Bureau des affaires bien anormales and explains his problem to the Kongs. He then elaborates that the zombies have eluded his traps and that he cannot sleep due to them. Candy Kong dismiss the scenario as ludicrous since zombies do not exist, but OM shows them a photo, which Candy Kong immediately denounces as having been "poorly edited" in an image alteration software. OM responds that he consulted the land register and found out that his house was built on an ancient Gallo-Roman graveyard, but the Kongs try to get rid of him by telling him to fill a form. Frustrated by the Kong's uncooperative nature, OM threatens them by explaining he is "the cousin of the great grandaughter of the grandmother of the brother-in-law second cousin" of the President, and if that they still won't help him, he'll make sure to get them transferred to "Plouc-sur-Yvette". The Kongs relent and agree to go on a "guided tour" of his front yard.

At OM's house, he warns the Kongs to not walk over his garden gnome friends. The zombies then pop out out of the ground and explain their side of the situation in a song. Donkey Kong agrees to let them be if they "tone down the volume", and the skit ends on a shot of OM visibly pouting as the Kongs did nothing to resolve his problem.