Toc Story 2

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Toc Story 2 (Fake Story 2) is a skit that aired as part of Donkey Kong Planet. It is a parody of Toy Story 2. It is told as an announcement for a movie.


The skit starts with Donkey Kong shooting an arrow, and a clapperboard snapping. Donkey Kong and then Diddy Kong are shown moving while the narrator talk about the movie's special effects, which is shown with a flying saucer. The narrator then says the Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong come with dialogue. Donkey Kong then introduces himself as Woody. Diddy Kong then introduces himself as Buzz l'Éclair, Buzz Lightyear's French name. That narrator then says that they come with humor from the genre's style. Donkey Kong then says hello to Monsieur Patate, who is Mr. Potato Head in English. He is a potato with googly eyes and wheels. He says that he is profiting today. Donkey Kong responds by saying that it is not serious as he has the potato. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong laugh. The scene cuts to a kid watching a flying saucer fly, and the logo for Toc Story 2 is shown as the narrator says "Ne ratez pas Toc Story 2, le suit binôme de Toc Story 1." (Do not miss Fake Story 2, the partner sequel to Fake Story 1.). The logo for Toc Story 2 falls apart and the skit ends.