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This article is about Donkey Kong Island in general. For the same island as a world after it was taken over by the Snowmads in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, see Donkey Kong Island (world).
"Kong Country" redirects here. For information about the landmass initially named "Kong Country", see Northern Kremisphere.
Donkey Kong Island
Donkey Kong Island as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Greater location DK Isles
Ruler Donkey Kong
Cranky Kong
Tiki Tong (Returns)
Lord Fredrik (Tropical Freeze)
Inhabitants Kongs
Animal Friends
Tikis (Returns)
Snowmads (Tropical Freeze)

Donkey Kong Island (known as Kong Isle in Donkey Kong 64,[1] Kongo Bongo Island in the Donkey Kong Country television series, and the Jungle Kingdom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and also known as Donkey Kong Country,[2][3][4] The Kingdom of Kong,[5] DK Country,[6][7] DK Island,[8][9] Kong Country,[10] and Kong Island[11][12]) is a location primarily inhabited by Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and the rest of the Kongs. It is a key location from the Donkey Kong franchise, and it first appears in Donkey Kong Country. Just like the Mushroom Kingdom, Donkey Kong Island is frequently invaded, often by the Kremlings.


Donkey Kong Country series[edit]

Donkey Kong Country[edit]

The island's original depiction from Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Island is first seen in the game Donkey Kong Country, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While Diddy Kong is guarding the banana hoard one night, a group of Kremlings led by a Klump (or a Krusha in the Game Boy Advance remake) appear and steal all of the bananas to menace the Kong Family. Setting off at once, Donkey frees Diddy from a barrel and begin a long quest to take back Donkey Kong's Golden Banana hoard from the thieves, leading them through the island's many areas. The journey sends them through jungles, caves, glaciers and a large factory operated by the Kremlings before the two heroes finally locate the source of the problem. Finding a ship docked in the waters near Donkey Kong Island, the Kongs board the vessel and defeat King K. Rool, allowing them to take back the banana hoard while driving the Kremling Krew from the island.

Every time the Kongs complete a world, the Gang-Plank Galleon slowly approaches Donkey Kong Island. It is not shown on the map until after the Kongs complete the first world, Kongo Jungle. By doing so, the Gang-Plank Galleon is faintly depicted in the horizon. By the time the Kongs complete Chimp Caverns, the Gang-Plank Galleon is docked right next to Donkey Kong Island, allowing the Kongs to go aboard.

The Donkey Kong Island map also shows a head icon of Donkey Kong located just before Kongo Jungle. At the start of the game, Donkey Kong walks from it to Kongo Jungle. It represents the starting point of the Kongs' adventures instead of a world itself. The head icon before Kongo Jungle is not shown in both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance remakes.

In the original renderMedia:DKC DK Island.jpg the in-game map is based on, there are a few locations that differ in position from the game itself, likely to make them easier to see in the game, or to adjust the order they are traveled to. Notably, Kremkroc Industries, Inc. is behind some trees in between Vine Valley and Gorilla Glacier in the render, but on top of the DK head's eyebrow ridges between Gorilla Glacier and Chimp Caverns in-game.

In the Game Boy Color remake, during the Crosshair Cranky mini-game, Donkey Kong travels to some smaller islands located west of Donkey Kong Island.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest[edit]

Donkey Kong Island between Crocodile Isle map
A map depicting both Donkey Kong Island and Crocodile Isle from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Island appears only sparingly in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. In the SNES version, it can be seen from Crocodile Isle in the distance, specifically while on the maps of Gangplank Galleon and K. Rool's Keep. These cameo appearances were removed in the Game Boy Advance version, as the maps are now viewed from a top-down perspective. However, the opening cinematic of the Game Boy Advance version takes place on a beach on Donkey Kong Island, where Donkey Kong retires to relax from the previous adventure before he is kidnapped and flown to Crocodile Isle by the Kremlings.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

While DK Island does not appear in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, it is mentioned in the instruction booklet, where Dixie traveled to the southern shores of the island and swam to the nearby Northern Kremisphere in search for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.[13]

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

Kong Isle as it appeared in Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 featured a return of Kong Isle as the primary location of the game's levels, also featuring several different environments similar to its portrayal in previous games. The island is revealed to be part of an archipelago consisting of smaller islands known collectively as DK Isles, several of which are accessible as a part of the story. At the beginning of the game, King K. Rool appears in a mechanized version of Crocodile Isle with a plan to destroy the homeland of the Kongs.

Tired of his constant defeats at the hands of the Kong Family, King K. Rool pilots his metal monstrosity into the archipelago with his new secret weapon: a giant, island-destroying laser cannon named the Blast-o-Matic. He plans to use the device immediately, but a malfunction caused by his incompetent underlings short-circuits his plans and delays the machine's activation. In a bid to distract Donkey Kong while they repair the Blast-o-Matic, the Kremlings invade the island in force and kidnap Donkey Kong's friends, stealing his Golden Bananas and blocking off several locations on the island in order to further impede the hero's progress. After another quest, Donkey Kong frees his friends and reclaims the banana hoard. With the help of the Blast-o-Matic's inventor, a crafty weasel named Snide, the Kong Family deactivates the doomsday weapon and saves their home from destruction.

It is worth noting that the island was smaller in size in this game than in previous installments, although this is likely due to technical issues, such as making it easier to roam the island. The vast locations accessible through portals on the island are different areas of Kong Isle, and what is seen on the surface is not the entire landmass. Since the events of this game, Kong Isle has been missing a boulder in its right ear, as it had been blown off by K. Lumsy.

Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

Donkey Kong Island
Donkey Kong Island as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns

The island makes yet another appearance in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, once again acting as the main location. In its most recent appearance, the Kong Family is featured much less prominently as the main population of the island, with only DK, Diddy, and Cranky making full appearances in the game. Several new creatures are also shown to make their home on Donkey Kong Island in this game which were previously unseen in the series. When seen, the island is also under attack by a new antagonist group known as the Tiki Tak Tribe, who attach themselves to other creatures to take control of their hosts. Much like the Kremling Krew before them, these new enemies are eventually defeated by Kong Family and removed from the island.

Strangely, the mountains of Donkey Kong Island do not resemble Donkey Kong's head in this game, but are instead ordinary mountains. However, the worlds and their locations are mostly the same as in Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze[edit]

Main article: Donkey Kong Island (world)
The snow-covered island as seen in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Island reappears in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. The game features seven islands, which serve as the game's worlds. Donkey Kong Island is the sixth and final "main" island of the game (the seventh island, Secret Seclusion, is a bonus world). During the game's intro, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Cranky Kong are celebrating Donkey Kong's birthday. The view then moves far from the island to a fleet of Snowmad ships. A Pointy Tucks watches over the island, locates DK's Tree House, and gives the info to Lord Fredrik; the leader of the Snowmads. Upon the leader nodding their approval, a group of Pointy Tuckses bring him a large enchanted horn. Lord Fredrik blows into the horn, summoning an entity known as an ice dragon. The creature then flies toward the island and the Kongs are blown away by the intense wind. With the only threat to their conquest seemingly disposed of, the Snowmads seize the island for their own as their command ship stations itself on top of the Volcano and the ice dragon turns it into a snowscape.

The Kongs eventually get back to Donkey Kong Island and defeat Lord Fredrik at the top. After this, he falls into the remainder of the ships around the island, and the Snowmads leave. Using the horn that the Snowmad King left behind, Donkey Kong restores Donkey Kong Island to its former climate.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie[edit]

The Jungle Kingdom
The Jungle Kingdom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The island appears as the Jungle Kingdom, ruled by Cranky Kong, in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It is largely based on the aesthetic of Donkey Kong Country Returns, with visual references to the arcade game. The kingdom is inhabited by various Kongs wearing different outfits, who live in rondavels on top of a lake. The rondavels are connected by bridges, which also serve as roads for karts, the vehicles used in the kingdom for transportation. Atop of one of the kingdom's mountains there is an golden Inca-like gold structure resembling a Kong's head, which serves as Cranky Kong's palace. Other notable locations in the kingdom include the Great Ring of Kong, the kart workshop, and the secret passage.

The Jungle Kingdom is first seen briefly on a map showing areas surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom. It is later visited by Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad, who reach the kingdom to convince Cranky Kong and the Great Kong Army to help them save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. After being transported by the driver via a kart carried by a glider to Cranky's lair, the protagonists attempt to convince Cranky to help them, but he promise to do so only if Mario beats his heir Donkey Kong in a duel at the Great Ring of Kong. After the fight and Mario's victory, Cranky decides to help, and proposes to the heroes to use a shortcut to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. After building their karts at the workshop, the protagonists, along with the Kong Army, reach Rainbow Road using the secret passage.

Other appearances[edit]


Donkey Kong Island as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during King K. Rool's Final Smash, before getting destroyed by the Blast-o-Matic
Donkey Kong Island in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Donkey Kong Island is also where the events of DK: King of Swing and the Donkey Konga trilogy take place. The jungle portion of the island appears as a setting in several Super Mario sports games, such as Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Superstar Baseball, as well as Mario Strikers, and in the Super Smash Bros. series, where it is parted into four playable stages: Kongo Jungle, Kongo Falls, Jungle Japes, and Jungle Hijinxs.

In the 2003 iteration of Diddy Kong Pilot, Donkey Kong Island makes a cameo appearance in the background of beach-themed races. Donkey Kong Island was replaced with a specific background in the final version, Banjo-Pilot.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a view of the entire DK Island appears during K. Rool's Final Smash, in which he blows it up with the Blast-o-Matic. In this game, it appears similar to the Donkey Kong Country incarnation in design (though with DK's Tree House in Vine Valley, rather than Kongo Jungle) and the Donkey Kong 64 design in size, and is notably the first time in several games that it is depicted as resembling Donkey Kong's head. Additionally, a recreation of the original Kongo Jungle world map from Donkey Kong Country appears as a subarea in the game's Adventure mode, World of Light, under the name "DK Island."


Kongo Bongo Island
An illustration of Kongo Bongo Island

In several episodes of Captain N: The Game Master, a world named "Kongo Land" was mentioned as the homeworld of Donkey Kong, though it is unknown if the two worlds are related.

Donkey Kong Island was also the main setting of the Donkey Kong Country television series. On the show, Donkey Kong Island was renamed "Kongo Bongo Island" (or just simply "Kongo Bongo") and the island was also shaped differently, similar in appearance to a banana rather than DK's head. Like in the games, Kongo Bongo Island was home to the Kongs, among other creatures. Similar to Dinosaur Land in the Super Mario World cartoon, some of the locations have different names on the show. For instance, Gorilla Glacier was called the White Mountains.


Donkey Kong Island is the main setting of both the Donkey Kong Country novel and Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle. In both books, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong pass through Tree Top Town at the edge of the jungle, before reaching a snowy mountain location. In Donkey Kong Country, the Kongs continue through a circuit of underground mines before reaching the Kremlings' factory, whereas in Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, the Kongs travel through the caves of a mountain in order to reach the factory in Big Ape City, which appears to be located near the island's center.

In Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong borrow a sailing ship at the docks of Donkey Kong Island, before arriving at Crocodile Isle after a full day of sailing.


Donkey Kong Country[edit]

Donkey Kong Land[edit]

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

Neighboring islands[edit]

General information[edit]


The Kong Family are the governing species of the island. Donkey Kong is the leader of the clan, and the other Kongs often turn to him for leadership. The Donkey Kong Country cartoon states that Donkey Kong has not yet become the ruler of Donkey Kong Island, but is slated to be its future ruler. Cranky Kong appears to be the patriarch of the family, and his main role is to give advice and orders to the Kongs. A lot of Donkey Kong Island's architecture is themed after the Kongs.

The Kremlings are another prevalent species on Donkey Kong Island and the main rivals of the Kong Family. The Kremlings have established several outposts and an industrial plant known as Kremkroc Industries, Inc. The ancient temples in Monkey Mines and Vine Valley depict visages of Kremlings, suggesting that they constructed the temples. Many other species on Donkey Kong Island are enemies to the Kongs, such as Gnawties, Zingers, and Neckys.

Several other groups have taken over Donkey Kong Island. During the events of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the Tiki Tak Tribe and the Snowmads respectively have represented significant parts of the population, the former planting several bases of operations and the latter claiming it as their territory. The Kongs eventually exiled each group from Donkey Kong Island.


Donkey Kong Island was originally shaped like Donkey Kong's head, complete with features such as his ears and hair swirl. In Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the frozen mountaintops and the giant Donkey Kong head are replaced by a huge volcano. The island has many climates, with some areas being jungle, frozen wasteland, or a desert. There are several mysterious ruins on the island resembling ancient South American architecture.

Starting with Donkey Kong Country Returns, the fauna and geography of Donkey Kong Island has been changed. There is also a larger variety, with groups of animals living in select habitats. The Jungle is mainly inhabited by bird species such as Awks and Rawks, as well as Frogoons, while the Beach is occupied by crustaceans like Snippys and Pinchlys. The Cave hosts a population of Squeeklys and is also home to a large demographic of sapient Mole Miners. The Forest commonly houses spider-based creatures such as Skittlers and munchers, but Wiggles are also present.

The species that are closer to the summit have a less organic appearance. The Cliff area of the island is populated by live dinosaur skeletons, although fossils inlaid within the rocks hint at prehistoric inhabitants such as enormous trilobite lookalikes, gastropods, placoderm fish, and eurypterids, which suggest that Donkey Kong Island was once underwater from the Cliff beneath. The Factory has various types of robots, and the Volcano typically contains fire-based creatures such as Char-Chars and leaping flames.


Donkey Kong Country[edit]

“You'll find a wide variety of ecosystems in Donkey Kong Country. Though the island itself is mainly tropical, there are great pine forest on the slopes of snowcapped peaks. The mountain are riddled with mines, tunnels and caves. Surrounding the island are many tropical lagoons full of reefs and colorful fish. Following are general descriptions of each area.”
Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet, page 20

Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

“Donkey Kong Island was a peaceful place where a banana-loving ape could enjoy himself. However, the Tikis have come and taken away all of Donkey Kong's bananas. In order to defeat the Tikis and get back his bananas, Donkey Kong, with the help of Diddy Kong, will have to traverse eight different worlds and drive the Tikis from the island. Donkey Kong Island is full of items, hidden collectibles, and lots of adventure. There are places to jump, things to climb, and areas to explore. Of course, there are also lots of enemies that will try to prevent Donkey Kong from saving his bananas. It is important to learn about the island and what it contains, or the Tikis will take over and Donkey Kong Island will no longer be a home to its namesake.”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Player's Guide, page 16



Audio.svg Simian Segue - The main map from Donkey Kong Country
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Audio.svg World Map 1 - The main map from DK: King of Swing
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Audio.svg World Map 2
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Names in other languages[edit]

Donkey Kong Island[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKディーケーアイランド
Dīkē Airando
Donkī Airando (GBA Super Donkey Kong 2)
Donkī Kongu Rando (Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong)
ドンキーコング アイランド
Donkī Kongu Airando (SFC Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy)
ドンキーコングカントリー[15] / ドンキーコング・カントリー[16]
Donkī Kongu Kantorī (Super Donkey Kong)
DK Island

Donkey Island

Donkey Kong Land

Donkey Kong Island

Donkey Kong Country
French Île de Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Island
German Donkey Kong-Insel Donkey Kong Island
Italian Isola Donkey Kong
DK Island[17]
Donkey Kong Island
Spanish Isla de Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Island

Kongo Bongo Island[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンゴボンゴ島
Kongo Bongo Tō
Kongo Bongo Island
French Île de Kongo Bongo Kongo Bongo Island
Portuguese (NOA) Ilha de Kongo Bongo Kongo Bongo Island
Spanish Isla Kong Bongo Kongo Bongo Island

Kong Isle / Kong Island[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKディーケーアイランド
Dīkē Airando
DK Island
French Île Kong Kong Isle/Kong Island
German Kong-Insel Kong Isle/Kong Island
Italian Isola Kong Kong Isle/Kong Island
Spanish Isla Kong Kong Isle/Kong Island

Jungle Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングル王国[18]
Janguru Ōkoku
Jungle Kingdom
Catalan Regne de la jungla Jungle kingdom
Chinese (Simplified) 森林之国
Sēnlín Zhī Guó
Forest Country
Chinese (Traditional) 森林之國
Sēnlín Zhī Guó
Forest Country
French Royaume de la jungle Jungle Kingdom
Italian Regno della Giungla Jungle Kingdom
Polish Królestwo Dżungli Jungle Kingdom
Portuguese (NOA) Reino da Selva Jungle Kingdom
Romanian Regatul junglei Jungle kingdom
Spanish Reino de la Jungla Jungle Kingdom


  • In Donkey Kong Country Returns, if one were to move from an earlier world to a later world using the map, Donkey Kong will be positioned at the first level of the later world. However, if one were to move from a later world to an earlier world, Donkey Kong will be positioned at the boss level of the earlier world. The only world that breaks this rule is the Jungle. Being the first world, it does not have an earlier world. In order for DK to be placed at the first Jungle level, he will have to move from the final world (Golden Temple) to the Jungle.


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