Banana Fairy Island

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Banana Fairy Island

Banana Fairy Island,[1] also known as Banana Fairy Kingdom,[2] is an island in Donkey Kong 64 home to the Banana Fairy Princess and her Banana Fairies. The island is in the shape of the Banana Fairy Princess's head and both of her wings. There is an entrance to the inside where the mouth should be.

Normally, only Tiny Kong can enter this by jumping into the barrel to the right which allows Tiny to become small enough to enter. However, there is a glitch that allows Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong and Chunky Kong to enter. There is apparently ivy forming under her closed eyes, which is most likely to represent tears, because when the player meets the Banana Fairy Princess she is crying over the loss of her fellow Banana Fairies. There are also eight Crystal Coconuts on the ground, as well as the fifth Bananaport Pad. Behind the head, there is a switch that requires Tiny Kong's Feather Bow to activate it. Once activated, Tiny can claim the Golden Banana behind the gate.

On the inside of Banana Fairy Island, the Banana Fairy Princess is straight ahead of the player on top of some sort of altar, along with her Golden Banana peel throne. In the four corners of the room, there are fountains containing four Crystal Coconuts each. They also have several lily pads and two never-ending waterfalls on both sides of the fountain. On the east side of the room, there is a large wooden door. If the Kongs capture all twenty Banana Fairies, Tiny gains access to the wooden door, which contains the rare Rareware Golden Banana. This is required if the player wants a perfect score (101%).

This is also the place where the Kongs get to learn a powerful shockwave attack. The move can be used to defeat almost any enemy in one hit, but it uses one Crystal Coconut. The move can also be used on DK dirt piles in order to reveal a 5-Banana Coin.


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