Ice Creature

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Ice Creature
Ice Creature
Species Tomato
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Hey, Lanky, it's not much fun being stuck in this pokey igloo, so I've made up a game to pass the time. If I don't play soon, I'll die of boredom. How about it, buddy?”
Ice Creature, Donkey Kong 64

The Ice Creature[1] is a frozen Tomato that appears in Donkey Kong 64. The Ice Creature lives in a castle of Crystal Caves, where it got stuck for so long that it froze, turning blue with icicles hanging from its body. Lanky is the only Kong who can enter the igloo.

To pass the time, the Ice Creature created a game, which it plays with Lanky. In the game, Lanky and the Ice Creature compete to flip over the most tiles on a 4×4 grid. Whoever flips over the most tiles within 57 seconds wins. Lanky and the Ice Creature can flip a tile by performing a Simian Slam and a ground pound respectively, although both characters take a few seconds to perform their move. The Ice Creature's tiles are red and depict K. Rool's head, which implies it is connected to K. Rool, and Lanky's squares are green and depict the DK logo. Each character can steal a tile from their opponent by pounding it. Tiles that are not yet flipped over are blue with a red question mark. If Lanky flips over the most tiles within the time limit, the Ice Creature rewards him with a Golden Banana.


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