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Wall switches[1] are a type of switch found in Donkey Kong 64. The switches can be activated by Diddy Kong's Chimpy Charge or Chunky Kong's Primate Punch. These switches have numerous different functions, such as opening doors, activating platforms, releasing a Golden Banana, etc., and can be found in all the levels of Donkey Kong 64. There are several types of these switches.

Types of wall switches[edit]

Diddy/Chunky Switches[edit]

A wall switch
Chunky Kong Switch
Diddy Kong's wall switch in Donkey Kong 64
Diddy Kong Switch

Three switches are found in the game: two with Chunky Kong's face, and the other one with Diddy Kong's face.

  • The Diddy Switch can be found in Angry Aztec in the room where he has to rescue Tiny Kong. Activating it raises some platforms to help Diddy chimpy-charge the K-O-N-G Switches.
  • The first Chunky Switch can be found in Frantic Factory in the room next to where Chunky was locked. Once the switch is activated, the player has a limited time where some platforms raise and lower, which makes a way to a Golden Banana. The second switch is in the Toy Monster room, and when the switch is pressed, the chest containing the toy enemies opens.

K-O-N-G Switches[edit]

K-O-N-G Switches are found in a temple in Angry Aztec, in the room where Diddy rescues Tiny. Diddy first needs to chimpy-charge the Diddy Switch in the room to make some platforms rise so he can reach the switches. Once Diddy activates all the switches in order, Tiny is freed, and Diddy is rewarded with a Golden Banana.

1-2-3-4 Switches[edit]

1-2 wall switches in Donkey Kong 64
Pressed 1 and 2 switches

Several Number Switches can be found in the game. Only Diddy can access their room, thus activating them.

  • A group can be found in an R & D room of Frantic Factory. The switches can be activated in three sets of combinations. Each opens a door with some enemies inside. Once all enemies in the room are defeated, a Golden Banana is released.
  • Another group can be found in Creepy Castle. If the player activates them in order (1, 2, 3, and then 4), the coffin releases a Golden Banana. However, if the player activates them out of order, two doors open, freeing some enemies. One of the two doors has a Banana Balloon, which is necessary to complete the game 100%.


A Gong in Donkey Kong 64
A gong

Several gongs can be found in the game. Only Diddy can activate them by chimpy-charging.

  • Two can be found in Angry Aztec's lobby in DK Isle. Activating them raises a Bonus Barrel, which only Tiny can reach.
  • Another four gongs can be found in Angry Aztec. Activating them raises a tower, on top of which is a Golden Banana for Diddy. Also, Squawks can help tiny Tiny reach the top of the tower to enter it and race a beetle to win another Golden Banana.


A shield like a wall switch in Donkey Kong 64
A shield

Three shields can be found in the museum of Creepy Castle. Activating all of them opens a skull with a rock inside, which is necessary to get the Golden Banana. Only Chunky can activate them.


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