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The DK Rap Attack contest advertised on the DKTV microsite.

The DK Rap Attack was a contest advertised on Nintendo of America's DKTV website, the official website for Donkey Kong 64. The contest involved people submitting recordings of themselves performing their own version of the DK Rap. The prize was a Donkey Kong 64 and Nintendo 64 bundle; a trip to Nintendo of America's headquarters in Redmond, Washington; and their video being hosted on the official Donkey Kong 64 website. The song was made available for download on Nintendo's website for use with this promotion. The contest had one grand prize winner and five runner-ups, all of whom are listed below:[1]

Grand prize winner[edit]

  • Jeff Webber


  • Blake Anderson, Chelsea Harris, Krista Anderson
  • Josh Raymer
  • James Harris
  • Kyle and Eric Namisniak, Alex Sperling
  • Evan Bridges, Peter Orr


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