Banana Medal

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A Banana Medal
DK64 Banana Medal.gif

Banana Medals are medals that the Kongs can get in the Nintendo 64 game, Donkey Kong 64.

The game is filled with a total of forty Banana Medals, with a total of five medals per level. During the levels, the five Kongs can get these medals by collecting seventy-five of their own bananas. Once the Banana Medal is earned, it can never be obtained again. In the game's final level, Hideout Helm, the rules to getting Banana Medals are much different, as the heroes will need to complete their own bonus levels to get it.

If the group manages to get fifteen Banana Medals or more, they can go to Cranky's Lab, found in every level, to play an unlockable, classic Rareware title, known as Jetpac.


  • In the game, the Banana Medal's outside ring rotates clockwise while the banana inside it rotates counterclockwise like most other objects.