Flame (Donkey Kong 64)

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First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Fireball (Donkey Kong)

A flame,[1][2][3] also referred to as a fireball[2][4] or fire beast,[5] is a walking fireball enemy that wears sunglasses in Donkey Kong 64. Flames appear only in Crystal Caves within an igloo that only Chunky Kong can access. Inside, the Rabbit is tied to a TNT Barrel, and the flames walk toward it, trying to light the fuse. Chunky must prevent the flames from touching the TNT Barrel within a time limit, or else the TNT Barrel will explode with the Rabbit. If a flame touches the barrel, the barrel will explode. When flames are about to blow up, they let out a short, high-pitched cackle. Although flames are made of fire, Chunky can still defeat them with physical attacks. When the time runs out and the flames do not touch the TNT Barrel, Chunky is rewarded with a Golden Banana.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [6]


  • A flame's laugh uses a high-pitched version of the laugh used for Baron Samedi in Rare's GoldenEye 007.


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